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Key Duties and Responsibilities : Job Purpose To plan, direct , co-ordinate and manage the delivery of clinicaland administrative support services in an effective an efficient manner, working183with the key executive management team at the hospital and within the legaland regulatory framework, and government requirements, To represent thehospital authoritatively at provincial and public forums, To provide strategicleadership to improve operational efficiency within the health establishment toimprove health outcomes. Strategic Planning: Prepare a strategic plan for theHospital to ensure that it is in line with the 10-point plan, national, provincial,regional and district plans as well as the Department’s strategies goals andObjectives. Financial Management: Ensure that adequate policies, systemsand procedures are in place to enable prudent management of financialresources, financial planning, resource mobilization, including monitoring andevaluation; Ensure appropriate asset management and accountability of allassets of the institution; Identify strategic and operation risks and ensure thatstrategies are in place to address these, as well as monitor the progress;Maximize revenue through collection of all income due to the hospital. FacilitiesManagement: Ensure business support and systems to promote optimalmanagement of the institution as well as optimal service delivery, ensure thatsystems and procedures are in place to for infrastructure planning and timeousmaintenance of facilities and its equipment. Human Resource Management:Implement and maintain human resource management policies and guidelines,systems and procedures that will ensure effective and efficient utilization ofhuman resources; Promote a safe and healthy working environment throughcompliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, includingoccupational health and safety committees; Ensure continuous developmentand training of personnel and implement monitoring and evaluation ofperformance. Procurement and Management of Equipment and Supplies:Implement a procurement and provisioning system that is fair, transparent,competitive and cost effective in terms of provincial delegated authority in linewith PFMA, and Supply Chain Management prescripts; Ensure that goods andservices are procured in a cost effective and timely manner; Ensure soundcontract management for all contracted services. Clinical and CorporateGovernance: Oversee clinical governance to ensure high standards of patientcare, establish community networks and report to the Hospital Board and otherrelevant oversight committees/bodies; Ensure the establishment of therelevant governance structures linked to clinical and non- clinical functions andresponsibilities; Manage all the institutions risks and implement strategies toensure optimal achievement of health outcomes.

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