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Do you have a vehicle that you are not using to help us make a difference in the lives of young people? Donate a vehicle now.

SayPro is a charitable organisation that aims to empower communities by upskilling them to recognise and utilize their opportunities.

SayPro invites government departments, individuals, organisations and businesses to donate vehicles to the organisation to enable our staff members to travel from one place to another.

As we serve over 1 Million young people in over 55 000 communities, we must visit, attend meetings, deliver certificates and other logistics of the organisation.

This cannot be possible without the support of you as you donate a vehicle to us.

The vehicle will be used for development purposes and will also be branded in our logo. If necessary, we can also brand it with your company information to acknowledge and show the public that you have donated to SayPro.

When you donate a vehicle to SayPro, we will contribute by paying for insurance, petrol, and vehicle maintenance.

To contribute, send us an email to or give us WhatsApp at + 27 84 313 7407 or call us at +27 11 071 1903

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