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        Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome:

Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the theory and law in a specialised area to enable critique of current practices in the field.
Demonstrate competence in accessing and assessing information on a specialised area.
Demonstrate competence in applying that law to practical situations.
Demonstrate the ability to design, select and apply an appropriate problem-solving approach in the area of specialisation.
Demonstrate the ability to research independently, evaluate critically, and write articulately and accurately on the specialist area of law.
Demonstrate competence in performing research projects.
Show intellectual independence in a specialised area of law.
Show a heightened awareness of ethical issues related to the practice of the area of law.
Demonstrate competence in articulating and communicating professional solutions arising out of the area of law.
Show independence of thought, awareness of ethical issues and reflection.

Integrated Assessment:
Formative and Summative Assessment:
The approach is one of Integrated Assessment utilising the following criteria: validity, reliability, academic integrity, transparency, fairness, achievability and timely feedback. Each module within the specialisations includes more than one assessment opportunity and there is provision for the use of more than one type of assessment opportunity (prepared and unprepared written tests, oral examinations, oral presentations, written assignments, online assessments). Each module includes elements of Formative and Summative Assessment and a final grade of 50% or higher is required to complete each module.

The Integrated Assessment consists of written papers in four approved courses, or the equivalent, and completion of a research dissertation of 25 000 words under supervision on a subject approved by Senate which must be in a subject of legal interest related to one of the approved courses. The rules provide for an oral or written examination on the subject matter of any approved course taken by a student. External examiners are appointed for every paper written to examine any work submitted as part of coursework and to examine the required dissertation.

The required dissertation must demonstrate competence in the following areas, all of which are assessed in the examination of the dissertation:
Precise research problem formulation.
Familiarity with and integration of the specialised literature that informs the research question.
Appropriate design and execution of the research.
Use of appropriate methods of analysis.
Integration of findings.
Ability to address the ethical problems that might attend the research.
Appreciation of the methodological limitations of the study.
Use of the publication and style conventions of the discipline.
The faculty Board considers the recommendations of the external examiner and decides whether to award the Degree and whether to award it with distinction. 


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