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        1.  Problems will be solved by means of exploring and critically evaluating different situations.
  1. Problems will be solved by generating alternative strategies for dealing with those problems and integrating information across disciplines and sectors.
  2. Appropriate decision-making skills will be demonstrated.
  3. Effective team work will be demonstrated during the planning, organisation and management of the research project and the presentation/report back on the findings.
  4. Responsible and effective organisation and management of activities will be demonstrated.
  5. Information will be collected, analysed, organised and critically evaluated as an integral requirement of the research and dissertation requirement of the qualification.
  6. Effective communication will be demonstrated using oral, visual and written modes of persuasion.
  7. An holistic perspective in the generation and dissemination of scientific methods and technology will be demonstrated.
  8. A receptive and responsive attitude towards changes in the scientific environment will be demonstrated.
  9. Research will be conducted and the findings will be interpreted.
  10. Ethically acceptable responses will be demonstrated in inter-personal and research situations.


  1. An understanding of specialised knowledge in one of the major fields of nutrition/dietetics will be demonstrated.

  2. Specialised technical and/or professional practice skills within one of the major professional fields will be demonstrated

  3. An understanding of the general principles of research design/methodology and of statistical methods used in health research, will be demonstrated.

  4. Specialised, advanced research skills within one of the major fields of nutrition/dietetics will be demonstrated
    A theoretical framework to investigate and resolve contextual and/or abstract nutrition/dietetics problems will be created.

  5. A research project in a specialised field will be planned, resourced, and executed in accordance with the theoretical framework.

  6. The significance of the findings of the research will be analysed and interpreted in a scientific and critical manner, within the theoretical framework of the investigation.

  7. Contextually relevant recommendation will be made, based on the research findings, regarding amelioration of nutrition problems in society, and concerning further research which is needed to address outstanding problems.

  8. Approval of the research project by the institution’s ethics committee will be obtained.

  9. A dissertation will be submitted, which will confirm with the institution/department’s guidelines and which will provide written evidence for all of the above outcomes.

  10. The research plan and the research findings shall be presented orally to stakeholders and interest groups.


  1. Continuous assessment will take the form of:
    Work place assessments
    Projects proposals
    Presentations in seminar settings
    Panel and committee evaluations
    Written tests and examinations
    Practical assignments

  2. Formative and summative assessment are integrated. 


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