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        1.1.1  Ability to recall and state important fundamental principles in Mathematics.

1.1.2 Ability to comprehend fundamental scientific principles.
1.1.3 Ability to select and utilise the scientific principles in a given situation.

1.2.1 Ability to identify scientific problems.
1.2.2 Ability to organise scientific knowledge effectively.
1.2.3 Ability to analyse complex scientific knowledge.

2.1.1 Ability to identify and define appropriate research problems.
2.1.2 Ability to collect and analyse scientific data.
2.1.3 Ability to do scientific literature searches.

2.2.1 Ability to organise results into patterns.
2.2.2 Ability to recognise the importance of the results.
2.2.3 Ability to present results as reports, graphs, posters and also orally.

3.1.1 Demonstrate competence in computer skills.
3.1.2 Demonstrate ability to use scientific computer software.
3.1.3 Demonstrate competence in using and interpreting databases.

Integrated Assessment:

A research project of a 40-credit weighting is expected to reflect competency in all the program modules. Each module will have continuous assessments by way of tests, assignments, written practical reports and examinations. 


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