SayPro SAQA Training Material 23396

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        1.1.1  Ability to conduct literature search using advanced electronic media.

1.1.2 Ability to synthesize extracted relevant information.
1.1.3 Ability to apply knowledge of synthesized extracted relevant information in a given situation.

1.2.1 Ability to utilise advanced scientific methods/techniques in organising information logically.
1.2.2 Ability to present organised information in a thesis.
1.2.3 Ability to communicate effectively logically organised information to the scientific community at large nationally and internationally.

2.1.1 Ability to apply comprehended existing knowledge in scientific problem solving.
2.1.2 Ability to utilise comprehended existing knowledge in identified appropriate areas.

2.2.1 Ability to conceptualise a scientific research problem in an area of interest.
2.2.2 Ability to formulate advanced procedures in solving scientific problems.

3.1.1 Ability to identify available equipment and other resources to be used for research problem solving.
3.1.2 Ability to develop a technique/method that could be utilised in validating research results.
3.1.3 Ability to tests a technique/method used to validate results during research problem solving.

4.1.1 Ability to apply advanced knowledge in solving scientific problems.
4.1.2 Ability to utilise highly advanced scientific methods during the research process.
4.1.3 Ability to use sophisticated instruments/techniques in research problem solving.

5.1.1 Ability to display advanced research skills in organising information.
5.1.2 Ability to utilise advanced knowledge and electronic media to interpreting result and recognising their significance.

5.2.1 Ability to present organised information and results in a thesis and orally.
5.2.2 Ability to communicate effectively organised information to the scientific community nationally and internationally.
5.2.3 Ability to contribute proactively to a scientific body of knowledge through networking, collaboration and partnership.

Integrated assessment:

The qualification is by research and this is not applicable as assessment mode will be by thesis. 


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