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        Subfield: Communication

Level: NQF5
Understand, identify and apply concepts of communication theory
Understand text and apply appropriate communication principles as well as style, tone and choice of language to writing of business correspondence.
Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamics of groups and the procedures involved within an organization.
Demonstrate a knowledge of the formats for talks and oral presentations in a written format.
Understand and demonstrate the different graphic communication techniques available.
Demonstrate an understanding of the elements of advertising.

Subfield: Marketing

Level: NQF5
Explain the nature of the marketing process.
Distinguish between a marketing orientation and other management orientations.
Apply marketing principles in the market-oriented workplace.
Identify the elements of the marketing environment and be able to illustrate its dynamics.
Differentiate between market segments and apply a segmentation process.
Demonstrate a basic understanding of marketing information systems.
Demonstrate an understanding of consumer behaviour
Describe and conceptualise a product or service as the object of need satisfaction, its nature and development.
Relate products and their development to marketing decisions.
Relate pricing issues to marketing decisions
Discuss issues related to the logistics of marketing management.
Demonstrate an understanding of marketing communication.
Describe the strategic marketing process in detail.
Identify the nature of various marketing sectors and the implications of such sectors for marketing decisions.

Subfield: Sports Science

Level: NQF5
Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of fitness
Develop a fitness programme
Discuss the purpose of sport
Discuss the philosophy of sport
Demonstrate an understanding of the use of statistics in sport
Handle sports injuries effectively

Subfield: Sport Management

Level: NQF5
Demonstrate an understanding of management principles regarding objects such as the holistic, systematic approach to the theory of management,
Analyse the characteristics of an effective manager
Demonstrate an understanding of multi-cultural relations,
Demonstrate an understanding of management as a participative process.
Develop an interest in and scientific approach to the study of this applied behavioural science.

Subfield: Anatomy and Physiology

Level NQF 5
Demonstrate a good knowledge of general Anatomy and Physiology terminology
Demonstrate good insight into the working of the muscles and the other systems of the human body, and how they work.

Integrated assessment appropriately incorporated to ensure that the purpose of the qualifications is achieved

Assessment is conducted in several ways:

Self-assessment which is carried out by the learners on a daily basis, and which improves the quality of learning and mastery;
Formative assessment by means of contact tuition during the course of their studies
Continuous assessment incorporating assignments.
Summative assessment by way of examinations at six monthly intervals

The above provides for a holistic approach to assessment. 


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