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        1. Demonstrate the use of main language to explain, describe and discuss key concepts in their area of specialisation.
  1. Demonstrate competence in planning, designing and reflecting on their specialist functions.
  2. Use basic information and communications technology effectively.
  3. Display a theoretical knowledge and practical application thereof.
  4. Solve tourism management problems are by exploring and critically evaluating abstract and real personal situations.
  5. Solve associated management problems by generating alternative strategies for dealing with problem(s).

Integrated Assessment Strategy and Criteria:

  1. The learner should indicate competency and effectiveness in problem solving, be measure the extent to which learners have integrated the roles, knowledge and skills delivered through the various modules, assess knowledge and skills through specialisms, measure applied competencies.

  2. The learner should be able to combine theory and practical situations, (simulated and real and should be able to:
    Generate, explore and consider options for appropriate action.
    Idendify the most appropriate course of action.
    Explain reasons for particular selection.
    Perform identified action, monitoring and adapting performance and explain reasons for performance.
    Evaluate his/her performance, identify areas for improvement and reflect on learning and performance.
    Develop a plan or strategy for future action that reflects an integration of what has been learnt through reflection.

  3. Evidence must be demonstrated through case studies, problem solving assignments, simulated exercises, projects, portfolios of learning materials and written and oral examinations. 


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