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        Formative and summative assessment is used to gauge the learner`s performance. Learners are continuously assessed via practical, group and class assignments, essays, presentations, and tests. Integrated assessment is done by means of a 3 hour written examination and practical assignments at the end of each semester. 

Learners are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skill through:

The correct and effective use and application of business information system administration functions and the identification of Information Technology resources requirements to enhance optimal system functioning and output according to specific identified needs.

Demonstrating knowledge of the need, use and application of computer infrastructure as part of the infrastructure requirements within the business and internet/intranet environment.

Showing of competence in the identification, assembly and diagnosis of a variety of hardware networking and software components for optimal utilization of stand alone and networked computer systems.

Demonstrating of competence in the identification, assembly and diagnoses of hardware, networking and software components for optimal utilization of the Internet facility in the business environment.

Applying network and hardware knowledge and skills in the identification and design of system requirements according to specified needs, incorporating all relevant aspects to enable optimized use within the business and Internet/intranet environment.

Demonstrating competence in the accessing and use of the Internet environment.

Demonstrating a good understanding of the requirements, use and application of computer literacy skills for creation, recording, storing and accessing of information, the creation and maintenance of a customer database and for the preparation and execution of documents through the utilization of a selection of software including word, excel, powerpoint and access.

Integrated Assessment

Learners are assessed on a continuous basis throughout the academic period and can only gain access to the examination if they meet the requirements stipulated for each section of the programme. Theoretical knowledge and the application of knowledge are measured against the identified outcomes by means of content driven projects, assignments, class presentations and practical work. This is supplemented by assessment through theoretical and practical class tests and examinations.

The assessment of the programme is governed by the Rosebank College Rules and Regulations In the programme and study units offered at the College, no learner is provided with access to the examination unless he/she, in the specific academic period:

Received tuition for the subject as a registered learner at the College;
Has achieved, at a specified date, the completion of a specified amount of work, assignments and continuous assessment marks as demanded in the prescribed syllabus of the programme or study unit as a calculated mark for the academic period.
Met a minimum of 80% class attendance as required by the College and verified by formal class attendance registers as kept by the College for the academic period.

To enable learners to track their performance against the set criteria, a weighting document is provided to each learner at the onset of the academic period for the programme. The advantage of the system is that learners are fully aware of their responsibilities at the onset of the programme and are fully informed of the performance requirements for each subject and the programme in a transparent manner.

The “weight” or value of each assessment for a specific section of the programme is provided and all marks towards the attaining of the qualification is calculated as per the indicated procedure as depicted on the weighting document for the programme.

The following additional regulations govern the standard, quality assurance, integrity, operational conduct and quality assurance maintenance of learner assessment:

  1. Setting of class tests

The language of the papers set for class tests and assessment will be in the same language as the instruction/training was given.

Class tests for individual subjects is set by an identified lecturer at the College in accordance with the syllabus content and requirements of the programme. In the event of more than one class being offered for the specific subject, input from all the lecturers are obtained to ensure that the standard of assessment is maintained. The programme coordinator will ensure that input is received from all relevant lecturers at the sites of delivery.

A test bank is available as a frame of reference and can be utilized by all lecturing staff at the College.

  1. Setting of assignments

It will be expected of learners to complete assignments in the same language as the instruction/training was given.

Assignments are set at the discretion of the lecturer with the agreement that it must focus on the outcomes and where possible the practical application of knowledge gained. Guidelines are provided in the syllabus. Lecturers are encouraged to ensure that practical application of skills across the programme is incorporated for example, a Business Communication assignment could be prepared on Computer, utilizing the practical application of both the subject`s content and the content of the computer literacy module in the programme.

In the event of more than one class being offered for a specific subject, input is obtained from all the lecturers by the Programme Coordinator to ensure that the group completes the same standard of assignment ensuring the maintenance of the overall standard of assignments at the sites of delivery.

  1. Marking of class tests and assignments

Lecturers mark the class tests and assignments according to the Master Memorandum set for the assignment or test. The procedures linked to appeals and the availing of final results and qualifications are followed explicitly. 


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