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        On passing this programme the learners will be able to:

Apply marketing principles within an organizational environment.
Draw up and apply the elements of the accounting cycle and interpret financial statements.
Drawing up appropriate marketing recommendations for management.
Apply economic theories in practice.
Design, implement and evaluate a public relations campaign.
Apply communication theory in order to communicate effectively.
Design appropriate advertising campaigns, including budgets and schedules.
Formulate proposals and projects for researching.
Utilize principles of contract law.
Apply design principles to arrange the visual elements of advertisements.
Design a customer relationship management programme for various industries

Integrated assessment

The main methods of assessment used for the programme Marketing and Public Relations are listed below, together with the outcomes of each assessment method applied for these outcomes.

Assessment methods:

Observation during work activity (real or simulated), role play, execution of activities and work procedures
Documentation (written) reports, presentation, practical assignments
Reviewing different sources of evidence

Asssessment outcomes:

Knowledge, skills and attitudes, problem solving, team member, communication and technology, environment, health and safety
Knowledge and understanding, communication, problem solving, use of technology, environment
Knowledge and understanding, communication, problem solving, use of technology, environment
Knowledge and understanding, communication, problem solving, use of technology, environment, lateral thinking skills, reasoning/arguing

However, none of these methods are effective in isolation, for the following reasons:

Different methods of assessment are suitable for different situations even when activity (real or simulated) is being assessed.
Assessment criteria for each method differ.

It would be a better approach to offer the candidate more than one method to prove competence.

The following assessment methods are also used to measure the level of competence and knowledge:

Theory: Class tests, semester tests, final examinations, essays/work pieces, oral presentations and simulations.
Practical: Projects, practical tests and examinations, simulations and write-ups.
Resource centre utilisation: Resource centres and computer centres are utilised in support of other aspects of the course such as preparation of essays and reports or analysis of data. The usage of these facilities are evaluated and incorporated into the evaluation of the assignment. 


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