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        In the assessment the following criteria will apply:
  1. Demonstrate mastery of core knowledge, attitudes, and skills in accordance with the level and outcomes of this qualification.
  2. Maintain a balance between theoretical assessment and practical application of knowledge within the world of work.
  3. The weight applicable to theory in comparison to practical knowledge and skills will vary according to the type and level of qualification.
  4. A repertoire of assessment methods will be used relevant to stated learning outcomes, both in specific and cross-field terms. These must include assessment of attitudes, as well as thinking and creative problem-solving skills.
  5. Learners must comply with all requirements and standards related to computer operating practices in the world of work, including accuracy, presentation, and correct data input.

Integrated assessment:

Comprehensive learning assessment is conducted throughout the program (formative assessment), focusing on both theory and the application of knowledge as well as skills as applied to specific job-related situations and problems such as “computer artists” where they have to integrate theory and practice. This increases the relevancy of training offered by this Institution, and assessment at different learning levels. 


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