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        1.1 Identify and solve production management problems in which conclusions display responsible decision making

1.2 Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate production management information
1.3 Communicate effectively using visual mathematical and language skills
1.4 Demonstrate an understanding of the production management world in context as a dynamic interactive system that does not exist in isolation

2.1 Organize and manage themselves and their activities responsibly and effectively
2.2 Reflect on and explore a variety of strategies to learn more effectively
2.3 Explore education and career opportunities
2.4 Work effectively as an individual and as part of a management team
2.5 Evaluate personal success

3.1 Apply effective and responsible decision-making
3.2 Stimulate and develop thinking patterns involving creativity

4.1 Interpret information received via research studies
4.2 Operate effectively in a research environment
4.3 Do research independently
4.4 Remain receptive and responsive to current trends and developments in business as a whole
4.5 Utilise technology effectively and responsibly

Integrated Assessment:

In the assessment strategy as a whole, evidence must be demonstrated through case studies, problem-solving assignments and projects, and should reflect practical and reflective competence. The integrated assessment needs to have the following characteristics:

Ongoing research to keep abreast of changes in the production management sector, in terms of the requirements of business
Each learner must complete at least eight workplace related assignments and examinations during the programme
During the programme learners may hand in preliminary assignments that will be assessed according to the assessment criteria determined by the College. Assignments not meeting the assessment criteria will be returned to the learner with comments relating to the necessary improvements for final assessment
After improvements have been effected the learner will hand in final assignments for assessment
A portfolio of all training material used is kept and reviewed on at least an annual basis
Learners are accountable for self-evaluation exercises at the end of each module for the duration of the learning programme
The College makes use of continuous assessment. This mechanism ensures that learning does take place and that knowledge was imparted in the previous module. Evaluation is conducted through short tests, presentations, assignments and examinations. 


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