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        1. Communication with individuals & groups is clear, understandable and effective

2.1 Basic, appropriate needs’ assessment tools are selected
2.2 Community stakeholders are consulted
2.3 Data is selected & recorded in accordance with needs’ assessment tools
2.4 Data is systematically analysed
2.5 Findings are reported to applicable stakeholders

3.1 Preparation is sufficient to ensure all resources & arrangements are in place & the learning site is fit-for-purpose
3.2 Facilitation is carried out according to given plans & in a manner that achieves the learning objectives
3.3 Facilitation is self-monitored & behaviour is modified to address weaknesses or difficulties

4.1 All aspects of healthy living are explained in a manner acceptable to the target audience
Range: Aspects of healthy living are detailed in the associated unit standards.
4.2 Information regarding all applicable support services is given & reinforced
4.3 Referrals are made to support services where applicable

Integrated assessment:

Assessment is not a single event but rather a structured process of gathering evidence and making judgements of the learners’ performance in relation to the qualification. A range of formative and summative methods can be used in assessing learners, this may include:
Written and oral tests/examinations
Case studies and assignments
Role play and simulation sessions
Written reports/work plans
Peer group review
Feedback from beneficiaries

Assessment should be carried out at regular intervals as well as at the end of the periods of study and should be offered in an integrated way. It is envisaged that learners will work at more than one unit standard at a time.

The learners should produce sufficient evidence of achieving each specific outcome of each unit standard. This evidence should initially be assessed for competence by the educator/facilitator.

Once the facilitator believes that the learners has demonstrated competence in a particular unit standard, the facilitator should recommend the portfolio for external moderation by a registered assessor. 


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