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        On completion of this Qualification learners are able to:

Perform a range of general construction sitework and construction concrete reinforcing activities in the Civil Engineering and Construction context by:

Core Competence:

  1. > The composition, role-players, processes and legislation governing the construction industry impact on his/her role as an employee within the industry and how these different elements are to be applied in his/her specific work context to enhance performance and promote career development are identified.
    Health and safety hazards are identified for a safe and healthy work environment for self and others
    Measures to mitigate hazards are identified
    Basic First Aid assistance is rendered to fellow workers in the event of an emergency

  2. > A range of materials used in Civil Engineering Construction are identified.
    The correct methods for selecting and rejecting materials is applied
    Materials are measured and ordered according to organizational procedures
    Required tools and equipment are identified, selected and maintained

  3. > Work site infrastructures that meet job requirements is set up and work areas are set out using basic survey equipment
    All necessary precautions for working in confined spaces as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act for the protection of the public and safety of construction workers are adhered to

4.> The requirements of reinforcing drawings are interpreted to locate and determine reinforcing requirements for structures on-site and plan work sequences.
Time and log sheets are maintained and records related to construction processes are completed in accordance with site requirements

  1. > Reinforcing materials required for the task are identified, prepared for use and stacked for safe and efficient use at the work area.
    Shortages and damaged materials are reported to designated personnel for corrective action
    The erected reinforcing is neat and true within SABS tolerances, and matches all design specifications in accordance with given instructions.

  2. > Functions in terms of intended use for reinforcing on a construction site are identified from the drawing descriptions.
    Abbreviations and symbols are identified and explained in accordance with project requirements
    A cutting list is produced in accordance with the Bending Schedule

  3. > Activity production and resource costs are measured and reported on.
    Decisions in regard to the implementation of productivity improvement measures are made.
    Quality improvement processes are implemented,
    Project quality plans are implemented and monitored.
    Appropriate measures are identified to reduce deviations in accordance with quality improvement processes.

Elective Competence related to area of specialization.

  1. > Material quantities are calculated for job costings
    Calculations are used to develop work plans

  2. > Steel cutting and bending machines are operated, maintained and shut-down in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications and legislative and workplace safety requirements

10.> Tendons are tensioned to within specified tolerances in accordance with work place procedures and manufacturer’s operating procedures
Post-tensioning operations are carried out in accordance with safety legislation and workplace requirements

  1. > Personal computer hardware and software are operated in accordance with software instructions and manufacturer’s specifications

Integrated Assessment:

Formative assessments conducted during the learning process will consist of written tests, demonstrations and a number of self-assessments. The purpose of formative assessment is to diagnose learner strengths and weaknesses and to determine readiness for summative assessment.

Summative assessment would consist of written tests and accompanying assignments, case studies and practical demonstrations. Summative assessments would only be conducted once the learner has indicated that he/she is ready to undergo summative assessment.

Before qualifying, learners will be expected to demonstrate competence in a practical situation that integrates the assessment of all specific outcomes, for all Unit Standards.

Integrated assessment provides learners with an opportunity to display an ability to integrate practical performance, actions, concepts and theory across Unit Standards to achieve competence in relation to the purpose of this Qualification.

In particular assessors should check that the learner is able to demonstrate the ability to consider a range of options and make decisions about:

The quality of the observed practical performance as well as the theory and underpinning knowledge behind it.
The different methods that can be used by the learner to display thinking and decision making in the demonstration of practical performance.
Reflexive competencies 


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