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        1.  Financial resources are managed to minimise risk and ensure accountability.

budget information is compiled and analysed to ensure optimal utilisation of financial resources.

annual financial statements and performance reports are provided to Council and other role players.

council is advised on financial policies and investment of funds

  1. The formulation and implementation of executive policies are improved by the analysis and evaluation thereof

    executive policies are formulated according to local government policy objectives

    institutional research is conducted by evaluating policy alternatives to generate recommendation

    the implementation of local government and executive policies are directed and controlled according to set objectives and by using policy instruments

    the establishing and maintaining of inter-governmental relations are explained according to prescribed principles, guidelines and criteria.

    institutional plans are operationalised according to departmental strategies

    management information is communicated to managerial and legislative levels according to specified requirements

    the macro and intermediate environment are analysed by applying relevant analysis, tools and techniques

Integrated assessment:

The qualification provides for sufficient practical applications of knowledge, skills and attitudes across modules to ensure that the learners competencies can be assessed through the following assessment forms:

a) Formative assessment:

written or oral tests
field work/experiential learning
peer evaluation
case studies

b) Summative assessment:

written or oral examinations
collaborative projects


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