SayPro SAQA Training Material 74076

Product Summary



Subordinates are informed and familiarised with the way in which credit policies and procedures should be interpreted and implemented
Deviations from enterprises credit policies and procedures are identified and corrective measures are implemented
Negative impact of enterprises credit policies and procedures on sales and profits are reported to top management so that adjustments may be effected

  1. Credit management problems are correctly identified
    Internally generated information on credit management problems is correctly gathered and investigated
    Research findings are evaluated
    Research reports are compiled
    Recommendations arising out of the research report are made
    Recommendations to top management are reported

  2. Number of new accounts to process per day/week/month are set, in consultation with the marketing department
    Targets for collection of overdue accounts are set
    Output / Productivity of subordinates is measured
    Corrective measures to rectify poor performance by individuals or group of employees are implemented
    The techniques to develop teamwork among employees are explained
    The ability to work harmoniously in groups is demonstrated
    Diverse motivational techniques and tools are assessed for their effectiveness and implemented

  3. Data is accurately and clearly documented in written and electronic format
    Effective group interaction is demonstrated
    Information is clearly and coherently presented orally
    Appropriate information is entered, retrieved and presented in the required format
    The required information is retrieved through the use of appropriate systems

  4. The dynamic nature of the employee/employer relationship is demonstrated
    The grounds on which an employee may be dismissed are explained
    The grounds on which a dismissal may be construed as unfair, are identified
    The basic tenets of a disciplinary code and procedure are explained
    Disciplinary procedures are implemented
    Steps in the grievance procedure are correctly identified, explained and implemented

Integrated assessment:

Various forms of assessment are used; inter alia, assignments, projects, tests, case studies, examinations and simulation exercises. 


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