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To achieve the organisation’s vision of striving to enhance “the Beneficiary’s “employability” through skills and youth development and training in an environment that fosters individual growth and development,” SayPro implements procedures for Beneficiary entry, guidance and support.

The procedures include requirements relating to the following:

  • SayPro provides comprehensive information about the organisation, its staff, the available Youth Skills.
  • Development and Empowerment programmes and the entry criteria to the beneficiaries, both before entry and during induction.
  • Beneficiaries have the opportunity to clarify their requirements and relate them to the products and services offered.
  • General induction to the organisation, and induction to different parts of Programmes, be included in skills and youth development programmes to ensure beneficiaries feel comfortable and confident with the organisation and fully understand and accept their responsibilities to the organisation.
  • Beneficiary selection and entrance requirements are determined by the NQF level of the skills and youth development programme or Programmes they wish to enter.
  • A Beneficiary has to prove that the current level of education is adequate to ensure success on the level for which they wish to enrol. For example, a Beneficiary that wishes to obtain on NQF level 4 must prove competence on NQF level 3. In addition to the level requirement, the Beneficiary must demonstrate subject matter expertise. For example, for NQF level 4 in
  • Skills and youth development, NQF level 3, ability in Human Resources or Skills and youth development is required. All beneficiaries must display proficiency in the English Language and numeracy on at least NQF level 2.


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