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Led by Chairman Mr. Nkhumeleni Ndou SayPro has a dedicated Board of Advisors who comprises of the 9 Directors responsible for day-to-day management, strategic alignment and response to the King III Leadership. Taking SayPro to its next level of building solutions for everyone. SayPro Board has an enormous responsibility to drive Policy, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Ethics, Equality, Inclusion, Monitoring, Evaluation, Sustainability and promotion of the interest of investors, partners and shareholders.

Nkhumeleni Ndou – SayPro Chairperson

Nkhumeleni Ndou has a vast experience in Project Management, Project Coordination and has sat in leadership with various institutions and corporates. Guided by the vision of the SayPro founder to enable SayPro to build solutions for everyone. Nkhumeleni Ndou has led the team since 2018 to ensure that they set up proper structures and follow ethics, governance and policy.

Tsakani Rikhotso – SayPro Deputy Chairperson

Having worked in various people’s development sectors, Tsakani Rikhotso brings vast knowledge and experience in monitoring and evaluation. Leading the review of national and international policy. Service Level Agreements, Contracts and Risk Management. Tsakani Rikhotso brings a wide range of experience to ensure SayPro is the best ethic following brand globally.

Neftaly Malatjie – SayPro Chief Executive Officer

Neftaly Malatjie has an extensive experience in Employee Mentorship, Employee Coaching, Employee Advisory, Employee Training and Employee Support. Neftaly Malatjie leads a dynamic team of innovators and creative implementers and continues with the team to source the newest unique talents in the market. Neftaly Malatjie continues to seek innovative ideas and solutions by working with the Research team and the Ideas Laboratory. Daily SayPro continues to build new solutions for the world.

Mable Lesejane – SayPro Secretary

Mable Lesejane, as SayPro Secretary, brings a lot of knowledge and experience working with the public sector, which determines the next day. Having sat a national, provincial and local structure. Mable holds the board accountable to ensure that all milestones, plans and indicators are easily reached and follow-ups are conducted. Being responsible for ensuring order on the board. Mable Lesejane also ensures that SayPro follows the rules set by the structure.

Octivia Dibetso – SayPro Treasurer

Having worked in various Accounting, Auditing, and Secretarial brands in South Africa. Octivia Dibetso brings extensive knowledge after learning from skates, risks and failures of Directors and executives of large national and international brands. Octivia stands to hold the management and the team accountable to ensure SayPro follows the international accounting and auditing standards.

Clifford Legodi – SayPro Chief Operations Officer

Clifford Legodi brings extensive knowledge in multi Project Management. Having worked on large and small projects. Clifford Legodi brings capabilities to ensure that SayPro operations are efficient, cost-effective and deliver on the results of SayPro Clients. Clifford has experience in Policy, Corporate Governance, Accountability, Contract Management and People’s Management.

Rebecca Maapola – SayPro General Manager

Rebecca Maapola has extensive experience in SayPro Administration. Having ticked all the small and large dots of deliverables. Rebecca Maapola has an eye for little mistakes. She has been able to manage the people and ensure people have fun working at SayPro, She transformed SayPro from a hardworking to a playful area. She continues to ensure that the staff are happy and travel, and SayPro sticks to the rules.

Hakeem Phiri – SayPro Chief Clients Officer

Hakeem Phiri continues to build SayPro as an easily reachable brand for everyone. Behind the Technology Architecture. Hakeem Phiri leads a team of Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Research and Communications to ensure SayPro can be accessed immediately when you need it. He ensures that everyone gets a yes and a no immediately. He ensures that he builds new solutions to transform SayPro Communications’ approach.

Ved Singh Gill – SayPro Chief Technology Officer

Ved Singh Gill is the master behind SayPro Technology Infrastructure. Ensures proper connection between systems, tools, the people, the world and SayPro. Having worked with various global brands building a wide range of technology infrastructure. Ved Singh Gill ensures that SayPro Policies, Systems, Apps, Tools and Technology are integrated to enable SayPro staff to work and play.

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