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Capacity Development Management (Capacity Development management) support provides technical leadership and oversight for the overall capacity development strategy, including operational considerations, for programs such as local partners’ sustainability strengthening, systems-level capacity development and stakeholder engagement for non-traditional income generation models.

Capacity Development Management provides strategic planning leadership to operationalize capacity development approaches for local partners and other stakeholders. They are responsible for the design and implementation of capacity development activities and for the adaptation and scaling up of new tools and approaches for BCS. The Capacity Development Management also oversee and supervise the capacity development of staff and consultants brought on to deliver technical assistance to local partners. They also support the integration of gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) into Capacity Development Management activities, including ethnic and religious minorities, LGBTQI people and people with disabilities.

Work closely with the Project to provide overall technical direction of the project and management of project activities; provide leadership to the project team to ensure high-quality programming to achieve expected results.

Lead the development and implementation of the project’s overall Capacity Development Management strategy to strengthen local partners’ technical and organizational capacity toward direct funding, while maintaining quality services.

Lead the coordination and integration of Capacity Development Management technical approaches under all three project result areas.

Lead the technical and contextual adaptation of Pact’s Capacity Development Management tools and approaches (such as the Integrated Technical Organizational Capacity Assessment (ITOCA), Organizational Performance Index (OPI), network analysis, and change action plans), with an eye toward transitioning local organizations to direct donor funding and developing non-traditional income generation models.

Lead the implementation of resource mobilization activities, including fundraising, social entrepreneurship model, design investment competition or solution-focused hackathons, or consultancy models to provide services to companies.

Develop and oversee the implementation of a private sector engagement strategy, including collaboration among private sector companies and CSO – Community Social Organisations.

Responsible for day-to-day monitoring of the implementation of Capacity Development Management activities by mentoring technical teams in the field, ensuring adherence to targets, timelines, budget management and achievement of objectives.

Lead/coordinate strategy development, implementation, and monitoring of all project activities concerning Capacity Development Management, including integrating technical approaches into the project’s Subaward Mechanisms.

Coordinate with appropriate stakeholders in all aspects of activities planning, monitoring, and implementation, including but not limited to all consortium staff, government, and other stakeholders.

Contribute to project planning (i.e. development of work plans and operating budget) and work closely with the Project to collaborate with and report.

Coordinating with the Monitoring and Evaluation Lead facilitates data collection and knowledge management.

Provide Management and operational oversight of the Project’s Capacity Development Management staff and consultants.

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