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1. SOLICITATION NO.: 72048622R00007

2. ISSUANCE DATE: May 19, 2022

3. CLOSING DATE AND TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS: July 19, 2022, at 11:59 PM Bangkok Time / 12:59 PM Washington, DC Time (Deadline Extended)


5. POSITION TITLE:  Regional Conservation Advisor

6. MARKET VALUE OF POSITION (Base Pay):  $95,973 – $124,764 equivalent to GS-14

Final compensation to be negotiated only within the market value of the position and will depend on experience, qualifications, and salary history.

The standard compensation package also includes a contribution for life and health insurance and a contribution to FICA.  An offeror hired from off-shore will be entitled to established off-shore benefits (housing, transportation, shipment benefits, and other applicable allowances.).  Offers will be accepted from U.S. Citizens who reside in Thailand, but such individuals will be entitled only to performance and comparability pay increases, annual and sick leave, and reimbursement for life and health insurance.

7. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:  The base period will be three years, estimated to start in October 2022. Based on Agency need, availability of funds and satisfactory performance, the Contracting Officer may exercise additional option periods of up to two years as follows:

Base Period

o/a October 2022 – September 2025

Option Period 1

o/a October 2025 – September 2026

Option Period 2

o/a October 2026 – September 2027

8. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE:  Bangkok, Thailand


  • Must be U.S. Citizens;
  • Demonstrated ability to obtain a FACILITY ACCESS level security clearance;
  • Demonstrated ability to obtain a Department of State medical clearance;
  • Must have the ability to obtain a permit to stay and work under U.S. Mission Thailand;
  • Must not appear as an excluded party in the System for Award Management (

10. SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED:  Facility Access Clearance Level

11. WORK HOURS:  40 hours/week



The priorities for USAID’s Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) as described in the five-year Regional Development Cooperation Strategy (RDCS), are founded upon the U.S. vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific. To support these priorities of enhancing economic prosperity and ensuring peace and security in the region, RDMA will partner with regional organizations to address transboundary challenges. With a focus on advancing U.S. priorities in the Indo-Pacific, RDMA’s RDCS goal is a more resilient, inclusive, and secure Southeast Asia.

The RDMA Regional Environment Office (REO) supports regional partnerships and private sector engagement to improve natural resource management, accelerate energy sector transformation, and reduce deforestation and emissions from the land use sector. REO prioritizes enhancing economic prosperity and ensuring peace and security in the region by promoting environmental security and countering transnational environmental crime. Transboundary challenges require partnership and engagement with regional organizations and principled networks that provide foundational support to country-level activities. Regional cooperation and leveraging of resources, both public and private, are prerequisites for catalyzing change in all sectors. Moreover, improved regional governance is critical to long-term progress and the sustainability of environmental management.

REO staff work through numerous programs and activities to strengthen regional governance and capacity for biodiversity conservation. REO staff members are responsible for implementing Presidential Initiatives, U.S. foreign policy priorities, USAID’s development priorities, and the RDMA Regional Development Cooperation Strategy (RDCS).

Ecosystems Management and Trade

REO’s Ecosystems Management and Trade Team implements activities aimed at reducing the major threats to biodiversity in Asia, and linking these activities to larger regional and global efforts. The Regional Conservation Advisor (hereafter: “Advisor”) will serve as a key manager of and a technical expert for the REO Ecosystems Management and Trade (EMT) portfolio which is primarily implemented using biodiversity and China-related funds. The Advisor will work directly to support and implement USAID’s Biodiversity Policy in Asia. Activities to be implemented by the REO EMT Team include, but may not be limited to, the following:

Combating Wildlife Trafficking (CWT)

USAID has been working to counter-wildlife trafficking in Asia since 2005. Wildlife trafficking—the poaching and illicit trade of marine and terrestrial animals—is one of USAID’s highest priority biodiversity concerns.  Poaching and illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products have far-reaching economic, national security, and ecological consequences that are undermining decades of development gains.  The loss of iconic wildlife and the presence of violent elements linked to trafficking affect the safety of rural communities and diminish their economic prospects, including nature-based tourism, an important source of revenue in many developing countries.  Wildlife trade also increases the risk of infectious zoonotic diseases, like COVID-19.  The illegal wildlife trade is recognized throughout the international community as a priority for international cooperation.

Combating Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing

RDMA leads on USAID’s efforts to combat IUU fishing in Asia, in partnership with regional fisheries management organizations.  RDMA, in collaboration with participating USAID bilateral missions, plays an important role in supporting and coordinating the USG response to conserve marine biodiversity, promote sustainable fisheries, and combat IUU fishing in the Asia region. RDMA is implementing USAID’s regional Interagency Agency Agreements (IAA) with the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that provide cutting edge science and technology assistance support to both RDMA and bilateral missions.



The Advisor plays a critical role in providing technical leadership and supports strategy formulation and activity designs and implementation. The Advisor will manage programs for a variety of transboundary and regional-level biodiversity activities in Asia, and coordinate these activities through collaborative relationships with USAID’s bilateral Missions in Asia, USAID Washington, and U.S. Embassies as well as with representatives from other USG agencies, regional organizations, national and local governments, the private sector, and donor organizations. A particular area of focus for this position is the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife, including: (i) combating wildlife trafficking and IUU fishing; (ii) promoting wildlife and marine and terrestrial biodiversity conservation and sound natural resources management; and, (iii) integrating these thematic areas with climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, governance and vulnerable populations, and emerging pandemic threats. Working throughout Asia, the Advisor will ensure program consistency with the RDMA’s RDCS, broader Agency priorities as well as integrating cross-cutting themes into program approaches, including science, technology, innovation and partnerships (STIP); combating trafficking in persons (CTIP); human and institutional capacity building; environmental governance; private sector engagement (PSE); regional cooperation; gender and social inclusion issues; human health; economic growth; and poverty reduction.


Technical Leadership and Management of Conservation Programs

  • Provides technical leadership and guidance to the Ecosystem Management Team, including on technical approaches and strategic planning processes leading to new partnerships and new conservation activities in the EMT Program, especially in the areas of counter wildlife trafficking, IUU fishing, and transboundary conservation issues.
  • Provides technical advisory services and other services as requested to support project and activity management by bilateral USAID client Missions in Asia.
  • Serves as the Contracting Officer’s Representative/Agreement Officer’s Representative (C/AOR) and/or Alternate C/AOR managing projects and activities in the EMT portfolio including:  providing technical direction; monitoring activities through site visits and reviewing work plans and progress reports; making recommendations to Implementing Partners (IPs) to increase program impacts and enhance sustainability; facilitating coordination among IPs; tracking expenditures and financial accruals against obligations; and reporting program results.
  • Maintains up-to-date records of the financial status and performance of contracts, cooperative agreements, and grants and reports this information upon request to RDMA Management and USAID/Washington (USAID/W).
  • Coordinates financial tracking and reporting with the REO Budget Specialist, other RDMA offices, and USAID/W. Drafts official USAID documents required for reporting changes in the status of activities, such as Congressional Notifications, Annual Reports, Action and Justification Memos, and Acquisition Documents. Processes actions related to developing new or modifying existing contracts, agreements, or grants using USAID’s Global Acquisition and Assistance System (GLAAS).
  • Monitors and evaluates the performance of contractors, grantees, and other IPs. Provides technical guidance regarding program management and overall technical program vision. Facilitates the development of work plans and monitoring, evaluation and learning plans (MELPs) by advising contractors and grantees on expected program performance indicators, targets, and results, and contributing to data collection and synthesis. Ensures program implementation achieves planned results, and developmental impacts are well-documented and reported.
  • Reports success stories in achieving progress toward expected results. Contributes program updates to the REO weekly reports as well as other USAID and U.S. State Department communication channels.
  • Coordinates with administrative and communications support staff in documenting and managing mandatory electronic and paper file systems.
  • Engages regularly with colleagues in RDMA, USAID Washington, US State Department, and other USG agencies active in the area of wildlife conservation as well as with bilateral missions, embassies, and all other stakeholders in the Asia Region to ensure that program objectives are being met and important relationships are maintained and strengthened.

Team Management, Personnel Management, and Managerial Support

  • Carries out other tasks to support the implementation of the RDMA’s environment strategy, as envisioned by the REO Office Director and supervised by the REO EMT Team Leader.
  • Represents the EMT Team at events and in meetings and communications with development partners and stakeholders.
  • Serves as Acting Team Leader of the EMT Team as required.

Partnerships, Coordination, and Communications

  • Liaises with other donors as well as with other US Government agencies such as DOI, NOAA, USFWS, USFS, State Department, and identifies opportunities to leverage resources or establish partnerships; leads interagency collaboration in the areas of combating wildlife trafficking and marine conservation. Represents the EMT Team, USAID, and the US Government to government counterparts, international organizations, other donors, civil society, academic and research institutions, and private sector partners in support of USAID/RDMA’s response to improving ecosystems management and biodiversity conservation in the region.
  • Coordinates with other donors active in conservation, particularly those with activities related to the goals of the Ecosystems Management and Trade Program.
  • Works with regional actors such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC), and Coral Triangle Initiative Secretariat to promote the Ecosystem and Trade Program’s efforts and widespread regional applications of best practices related to biodiversity conservation.
  • Strengthens coordination with regional organizations and their member states/countries by leading working group meetings and engaging key counterparts.
  • Responds to internal and external technical inquiries and writes analytical reports.
  • Serves as a subject matter expert (SME) to negotiate and influence the range of ministries and government counterpart offices to ensure successful project approval and implementation.
  • Builds strong external networks and partnerships. Responds to requests for information from a variety of internal and external audiences on the EMT portfolio, including the coastal-marine and fisheries management program; prepare a variety of EMT’s reports; prepares briefing documents; and assists the Development Outreach and Communications (DOC) Officer in responding to press inquiries, press releases, and speeches.


  1. Degree of responsibility for decision-making assigned to the position:

The incumbent will often be expected to use his/her own personal, well-informed judgment in devising innovative approaches to resolving technical, administrative, managerial and/or policy problems. Excellent (balanced) judgment must be exercised in setting priorities. The use of initiative, discretion, and patience is expected from the incumbent in dealing with USAID/RDMA colleagues as well as representatives from other donor organizations to resolve problems that arise during the course of work for which there is often no clear or immediate solution. The incumbent will also be required to follow and adhere to USAID’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

  1. Supervisory Controls:

The EMT Team Leader, Regional Environment Office (REO) will provide formal supervision. However, the incumbent is expected to work independently under broad guidance and policy direction.

In collaboration with the incumbent, the supervisor will establish annual work objectives and review work outputs and accomplishments to ensure compliance with Agency policies. The incumbent is expected to establish priorities, adhere to and meet established deadlines, and perform responsibilities and duties with minimal guidance. The incumbent must be proactive as well as self-motivated and self-directed.

  1. Guidelines for the required work, including reporting requirements:

The incumbent will be required to be proactive in keeping abreast of evolving guidelines and policies which affect climate change and landscape management activities within the region, including but not limited to the latest research and available data, the Agency’s Automated Directives System (ADS), General Notices/Mission Orders/Mission Notices, U.S. Government Procurement regulations, and USAID Program Strategy and Policy Documents.

  1. Complexity of the work environment or its potential effect on the position’s responsibilities:

The work is generally sedentary and does not pose undue physical demands. The position is highly-complex with duties that include advanced systems thinking, negotiation, persuasion, internal and external representation, statistical analysis, mentorship and advisory responsibilities. The position is sensitive in nature because it is cross-cutting among a multitude of USG agencies and strategies. The incumbent must be able to flexibly and effectively address a changing environment as REO designs and implements new CWT and IUU fishing regional activities. The Advisor will serve as the Contracting Officer’s Representative/Agreement Officer’s Representative (C/AOR) and/or Alternate C/AOR managing projects and activities in the EMT portfolio including: providing technical direction; monitoring activities through site visits and reviewing work plans and progress reports; making recommendations to Implementing Partners (IPs) to increase program impacts and enhance sustainability; facilitating coordination among IPs; tracking expenditures and financial accruals against obligations; and reporting program results. The Advisor serves as the Acting Team Leader of the EMT Team as required. The Advisor will work through numerous programs and activities to strengthen regional governance and capacity for biodiversity conservation. The Advisor is responsible for implementing Presidential Initiatives, U.S. foreign policy priorities, USAID’s development priorities, and the RDMA Regional Development Cooperation Strategy (RDCS).

  1. Scope and effect of the work performed:

The incumbent formulates strategies and activity and designs and implementation. The incumbent will manage programs for a variety of transboundary and regional-level biodiversity activities in Asia, and coordinate these activities through collaborative relationships with USAID’s bilateral Missions in Asia, USAID Washington, and U.S. Embassies as well as with representatives from other USG agencies, regional organizations, national and local governments, the private sector, and donor organizations. A particular area of focus for this position is the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife, including: (i) combating wildlife trafficking and IUU fishing; (ii) marine and terrestrial biodiversity conservation and sound, natural resources management; and, (iii) integrating these thematic areas with climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, governance and vulnerable populations, and emerging pandemic threats. Working throughout Asia, the Advisor will ensure program consistency with the RDMA’s RDCS, broader Agency priorities as well as integrating cross-cutting themes into program approaches, including); combating trafficking in persons (CTIP); human and institutional capacity building; environmental governance; private sector engagement (PSE); regional cooperation; gender issues; human health; economic growth; and poverty reduction.

  1. Level and purpose of contacts:

The incumbent will be required to establish and maintain professional contacts/relationships with senior government authorities and private sector leaders as well as with chiefs of environment ministries and other relevant bodies in national governments. He/she will equally develop and maintain professional and productive relationships with counterparts in host governments, donor institutions, civil society and the private sector, and the wildlife conservation community. The incumbent will maintain regular contact with various USAID Washington Offices, USAID Mission staff in presence counties and USAID non-presence Country Teams. The purpose of these contacts is to ensure widespread ownership in decisions affecting strategic program direction and USG support for regional wildlife conservation activities.

  1. Supervision or oversight the position has over others:

The incumbent will not have supervisory responsibilities.


The incumbent is expected to travel approximately 20 percent of the time. The employee must be available and able to travel through the region, including Thailand. If the employee travels, the work may additionally involve safety and/or security precautions, wearing of protective equipment, and exposure to severe weather conditions.


The USPSC will be provided with adequate support services, equipment, and supplies necessary to perform the work.


The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.


Education: Master’s degree in a relevant field such as social science, anthropology, environmental science, natural resources management, international policy, sustainable development, or related disciplines appropriate to the position.

Experience: At least ten years of professional experience in international development related to wildlife conservation, marine and fisheries management, natural resource management or governance. At least ten years of experience in program or project management.


The Government may award a contract without discussions with offerors in accordance with FAR 52.215-1. The CO reserves the right at any point in the evaluation process to establish a competitive range of offerors with whom negotiations will be conducted pursuant to FAR 15.306(c). In accordance with FAR 52.215-1, if the CO determines that the number of offers that would otherwise be in the competitive range exceeds the number at which an efficient competition can be conducted, the CO may limit the number of offerors in the competitive range to the greatest number that will permit an efficient competition among the most highly rated offers. The FAR provisions referenced above are available at

Rating factors are used to determine the competitive ranking of qualified offerors in comparison to other offerors. Offerors must demonstrate the rating factors outlined below within their resume, as they are evaluated strictly by the information provided.

The rating factors are as follows:

Education and Other Academic Training (15 points)

  • Additional points will be awarded for educational degrees above the established minimum, and for advanced training in relevant areas.

Professional Experience (35 points)

Additional points will be awarded for the following:

  • Experience in international development related to wildlife conservation, marine and fisheries management, natural resource management or governance in multiple Asian countries in a transboundary / regional context.
  • Experience in program or project management with the U.S. Government or other development agency, or as an implementing partner
  • Experience building partnerships among governments and between governments and non-governmental bodies.
  • Experience in institutional capacity building.

Technical Knowledge and Abilities (30 points)

  • Demonstrated understanding of effective approaches in integrating socio-economic and governance issues into program activities such as public participation, compliance and enforcement of environmental regulations, and sustainable livelihoods.
  • A thorough knowledge of wildlife conservation issues (terrestrial and marine) in Asia, sustainable management challenges, policy constraints, and effective approaches.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of effective approaches in managing for results and sustaining donor investments.
  • Demonstrated expertise in forming and supporting partnerships, networks, or coalitions to achieve specific development objectives.
  • Demonstrated capability to administer complex regional programs and effectively coordinate with a wide range of partners, donors, international agencies, host government counterparts, and USG agencies, including USAID Missions, US Embassies, and USAID and the State Department’s Washington-based offices.
  • Working knowledge of USAID’s or another development agency’s program cycle, management, and budgeting policies and processes.

Interpersonal, Team and Communication Skills (20 points)

  • Excellent written, verbal, and communication skills in English combined with strong presentation skills.
  • Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills, and the ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with a broad range of development partners and program stakeholders including senior officials.
  • Ability to communicate effectively as USAID’s representative to other U.S. government and non-U.S. government entities and in formal international settings
  • Excellent computer skills and the proven ability to prepare professional reports and presentations.
  • Ability to work under pressure and produce results quickly.

Offerors who meet the Minimum Qualifications will be evaluated in accordance with the Evaluation and Selection Factors. The qualified offerors will also be evaluated on his/her interview performance. Only offerors who are in the competitive range will be contacted. No responses will be sent to unsuccessful offerors who are excluded or otherwise eliminated from the competitive range.

Offerors should address the Evaluation and Selection Factors in their application package, describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education and/or awards they have received as it pertains to the factors. Failure to address the Evaluation and Selection Factors may result in not receiving credit for all pertinent experience, education, training and/or awards.

The qualified offerors may be invited to be interviewed, either in person or by telephone/video call at USAID’s discretion. USAID/RDMA will not pay for any expenses associated with interviews. Reference checks will be conducted for the highly ranked offeror(s).

Note: Please be advised that references may be obtained independently from other sources in addition to the ones provided by an offeror. If an offeror does not wish USAID to contact a current employer for a reference check, this should be stated in the offeror’s cover letter, and USAID will delay such reference check pending communication with the offeror.


Email submissions must be sent to with the subject line “SOL-72048622R00007”. To ensure delivery by the due date, it is recommended that offers be sent in as email attachments.

Eligible offerors are required to submit the following:

  1. Fully completed and signed copy of the offer form AID 309-2, “Offeror Information for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals,” available at Offerors should note that the salary history for the purposes of the AID 309-2 is the base salary paid, excluding benefits and allowances such as housing, travel, educational support, vehicle use, etc. The form can also be found in Attachment 2 of this solicitation.
  2. A current resume or curriculum vitae (CV);
  3. Written statement that responds to the requirements of the position (Section III: Evaluation and Selection Factors);
  4. A minimum of three and a maximum of five references, including two references which must be from direct supervisors who can provide information regarding the offeror’s past performance.

NOTE: Submission of a resume/CV alone IS NOT a complete offer. This position requires the completion of all forms and supplemental materials as described in this section. Failure to provide the required information and/or materials may result in your not being considered.

Late offers may not be considered. Please note all offers must be signed (hand-signed or digitally) – unsigned offers will NOT be considered.  Please reference the solicitation number on your application, and as the subject line in your email and any cover letter.


The CO will provide instructions about how to complete and submit the following forms after an offeror is selected for the contract award.

  1. Medical History and Examination (DS-1843)
  2. Declaration for Federal Employment (OF-306)
  3. Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions (for National Security) (SF-86), or
  4. Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85)
  5. Finger Print Card (SF-87). (NOTE: Form is available from the requirements office.)


As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, an individual meeting the requirements of Offshore-Hire USPSC is normally authorized the following benefits and allowances:

    1. Employer’s FICA Contribution
    2. Contribution toward Health & Life Insurance
    3. Pay Comparability Adjustment
    4. Annual Increase (pending a satisfactory performance evaluation)
    5. Eligibility for Worker’s Compensation
    6. Annual and Sick Leave
    Section numbers refer to rules from the Department of State Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians Foreign Areas), available at
  3. Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (Section 120)
  4. Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130)
  5. Cost-of-Living Allowance (Chapter 210)
  6. Post Allowance (Section 220)
  7. Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260)
  8. Education Allowance (Section 270)
  9. Education Travel (Section 280)
  10. Post Differential (Chapter 500)
  11. Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure (Section 600), and
  12. Danger Pay Allowance (Section 650)


USPSCs are required to pay Federal income taxes, FICA, Medicare and applicable State Income taxes.


USAID regulations and policies governing USPSC awards are available at these sources:

  1. USAID Acquisition Regulation (AIDAR), Appendix D, “Direct USAID Contracts with a U.S. Citizen or a U.S. Resident Alien for Personal Services Abroad,” including contract clause “General Provisions,” available at
  2. Contract Cover Page form AID 309-1 available at
    Pricing by line item is to be determined upon contract award as described below:        














Compensation and Fringe Benefits/Other Direct Costs (ODCs)
Award Type: Cost
Product Service Code: R497
Accounting Info: TBD



$    TBD

$    TBD


Option Period (OP) 1 – Compensation and ODCs
Award Type: Cost
Product Service Code: R497
Accounting Info: TBD



$    TBD

$    TBD


OP 2 – Compensation and ODCs
Award Type: Cost
Product Service Code: R497
Accounting Info: TBD



$    TBD

$    TBD

  1. Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives/Contract Information Bulletins (AAPDs/CIBs) for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals available at
  2. Ethical Conduct. By the acceptance of a USAID personal services contract as an individual, the contractor will be acknowledging receipt of the “Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch,” available from the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, in accordance with General Provision 2 and 5 CFR 2635.
    See .
  3. PSC Ombudsman
    The PSC Ombudsman serves as a resource for any Personal Services Contractor who has entered into a contract with the United States Agency for International Development and is available to provide clarity on their specific contract with the agency. Please visit our page for additional information:


– End of ATTACHMENT 1 –


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When it comes to career advancement, there’s no substitute for experience. And that holds true in Government jobs as well. Municipalities and States across the world are realizing this and are appointing experienced professionals to their top positions.

In SayPro Municipality and Government Training, you’ll join experienced professionals who know what it takes to succeed in a government job. During our cutting-edge training modules, you’ll learn everything from how government works to how to manage a large team effectively. Plus, our expert instructors will provide guidance every step of the way so you can be sure you’re on the right track for success.

Join us today and begin your career in government!

SayPro Campuses

Welcome to SayPro campuses! We are delighted that you have decided to enroll in one of our many exciting programs. We offer classes that will help you achieve your goals and grow on all levels. From business education to healthcare, from fitness to nutrition, from IT to Nursing, we have a class for you! Our friendly and committed faculty will help you achieve your goals and join us at SayPro campuses is the best place to be!

Come and explore the wonders of SayPro campuses. We are a group of colleges who want to offer you the best possible education. With an array of degrees, diplomas, and certificates to choose from, we have something for everyone. Not only that, our campuses are spread all over the world, so there is sure to be a location near you that fits your needs. Join us today and say goodbye to worry – SayPro!


No more guessing or running around looking for information! With SayPro campuses on hand, all you have to do is register at one of our locations and start learning right away!

Engineering student using heavy machinery at the university
SayPro IT and Business Campus

Getting work done has never been so easy. Situated in the central business hub of Indore, SayPro IT and Business Campus is one of the leading and most sought-after office space in the city. The modern building with state-of-the-art amenities makes it an ideal place for professionals to unwind and focus on work. Whether you are looking for a spacious office Space or a home-like environment, SayPro will always offer you great value for money.

SayPro IT and Business Campus offers all that you need to make your business prosper; equipped with Wi-Fi, printer access, conference rooms, smart working spaces, air conditioning, etc., it is sure to become your first choice when you look at Indore’s real estate market.

Happy african friends walking along the campus of the university
SayPro People Development Campus

A home away from home for aspiring people, Saypro is a development campus that offers everything you need to grow and become a pro!

On the campus, you’ll find world-class faculty and trainers who have years of experience in teaching. They will teach you the skills and techniques you need to succeed on campus and in the workplace. And when you’re not studying, you’ll have access to all kinds of great resources and services that will help you reach your full potential.

So why wait? Book your seat today at Saypro People Development Campus!

Aerial view of new prescool building in residential rural area.
SayPro Rural Campus

Getting a college degree is an achievement in itself, and getting one in the most remote place on Earth is definitely something to boast about. But that’s not all, you can also do it while enjoying the beauty of nature and wildlife with SayPro Rural Campus!

This all-in-one solution comes as a complete package for your education needs. You can acquire quality education from world class faculty, participate in exciting campus life, and immerse yourself in a brand new culture.

SayPro Rural Campus is everything you need to reach your dreams. So book your seat now and explore new horizons!

Joining non-profit organization
SayPro NPO Campus

When it comes to a cause that’s worthy of your charitable efforts, SayPro has got you covered. The NPO Campus is one such initiative that looks beyond the obvious and focuses on the bigger picture.

As a student or a young professional who wants to make a difference, you already know that time is precious and can’t be wasted on unimportant tasks. But with SayPro, there’s no need to compromise on achieving your philanthropic goals. In just 3 hours a week, you can make a positive impact on someone’s life!

So why wait? Book your session with SayPro today!

European handicapped girl in vr glasses on sofa at home. Healing technology, robotic limb.
SayPro Technology Campus

We have a saying in every family: ‘Schooling is incomplete without SayPro.’ Why not start using it today?

Meet the SayPro technology campus that provides students with state-of-the-art teaching methods and facilities. The campus is equipped with latest technologies that are used to deliver quality education in a number of subjects, be it physics, maths or economics.

The SayPro technology campus is an ecosystem that’s designed to make learning fun and easy for everyone. From the classroom where teachers impart their knowledge, to the canteen where students relish delicious food and coffee breaks, everything has been thought-through to make sure students learn while they’re at it. And when they’re done with classes, they can call SayPro home as well!

Shot of a corporate businessperson giving a presentation in the boardroom
SayPro Corporate Campus

Take a look at this modern wonderland where everything is just perfect! A place that caters to all kinds of business needs, SayPro Corporate Campus is the smartest way to conduct your operations. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities, this place is designed to provide best possible service to its guests.

From dealing rooms to pantry and cafeteria services, SayPro Corporate Campus has it all covered. The stylishly designed campus will surely impress you with its modern feel and sleek looks. In short, a perfect place for conducting any type of business activity from the very beginning.

SayPro Colleges

Are you a student looking for the best possible college experience? Then SayPro colleges is where you need to start! We offer a wide range of programs that will help you achieve your goals and reach your potential. Whether you’re looking to gain valuable skills or develop critical softwares, our programs are designed to meet your needs and help you get ahead in life.

In addition to offering high-quality education, we also provide a stress-free environment where students can feel safe and secure. Not to mention our tuition reimbursement program makes SayPro colleges more affordable for all students. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start living the college life you’ve always dreamed of!

Check out our website today and let us help you start a new chapter in life by immersing yourself in a vibrant academic community where success is celebrated every day!

Environmental Conservation Plant Sustainability
SayPro College of Agriculture, Environment and Conservation

Once a student, always a student. We at SayPro understand how important education is to a person’s life and work. That’s why we’re committed to offering you the best possible education possible.

Our global campus offers classes online, over the phone, or in person. And our innovative programs provide students with the knowledge, skills, and credentials they need to succeed in today’s growing fields.

Whether you’re looking for a new career path or furthering your education, SayPro has the tools you need to succeed. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals!

Engineering technology and smart factory concept with AI automation system by using robots automated
SayPro College of Technology, Innovation and Automation

It’s a great feeling when you realize that your hard work and dedication have finally paid off. That’s how Saypro college of technology, innovation and automation felt to its students. With world-class facilities and faculty, Saypro is one of the best colleges in the country that brings together an elite group of students with immense potential.

In today’s world of automation, Saypro offers students a chance to step up their careers by acquiring new skills and being creative in solving problems. Students can pursue undergraduate or graduate programs in automotive, computer science engineering, or business management.

When it comes to quality education, Saypro stands out from the rest. With a strong academic reputation, faculty who have extensive experience teaching students, and modern facilities that are equipped with all modern amenities, Saypro is sure to provide its students with a memorable journey.

Nurse, sick patient and hospital consultation for healthcare and medical support with health insura
SayPro College of Healthcare, Medicine and Nursing

Say that you want to become a healthcare professional!

Saying it, making it happen and then impressing all your peers and seniors when you get admission for the best college is what every aspirant wants. SayPro is here to make things easier for aspiring healthcare professionals by providing them with quality education at an affordable price. We teach you everything you need to know about healthcare, medicine, and nursing in a friendly environment where you feel like part of a big family.

Tailor-made programs are designed according the needs of every student and there is no better way to learn than by doing. Our campus is located in Noida Extension and is surrounded by clinics and hospitals where students get hands-on experience. From 8 AM to 6 PM, there will always be someone available to teach you or help you out with any queries you have.

Happy black guy student studying at language school online
SayPro College of Arts, Culture, Heritage and Languages

A college of its kind, SayPro offers a unique and diverse educational experience that prepares students for success in their careers. With flexible hours, online classes, and optional on-campus classes, SayPro provides an engaging learning environment that is both convenient and effective. Students can pursue their dreams of a career in the arts or culture, the language, or a host of other disciplines.

SayPro is committed to providing students with a 21st century education that is relevant and transferable to the workplace. By offering programs in art, culture, heritage languages, media and creative industries, Say pro prepares students for professional success by teaching them how to think critically and creatively.

Wealth Management and financial concept
SayPro College of Business Management and Administration

It’s time to think big and enter the college of business! With SayPro, you’ll have access to cutting-edge management and marketing programs that will help you chart your own successful career path. Our renowned faculty members are experts in their fields, and they teach classes that are challenging yet tailored to your needs.

Our classes are taught online so you can attend whenever it’s most convenient for you, and our flexible schedule means you can fit class into your busy life without sacrificing valuable time with friends or family.

With Say Pro, there’s no limit to where your career can take you. Let us help you get there!

Industry 4.0: Young engineer works at a robotic arm
SayPro College of Science, Engineering and Artisans

At SayPro, we believe in building a world class institute where the students can learn and grow from the best. We have an astounding faculty of experts who are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but also impart wisdom to students through their classes.

SayPro has it all for you: Our college has world-class faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and an enriching curriculum. If you’re looking for a place where you can truly call home, look no further than SayPro College of Science, Engineering, and Artisans!

Businessman using calculator to check finance, accounting, income and company budget.
SayPro College of Finance, Accounting and Economics

When it comes to college education, many students get confused between similar-sounding names. To make sure that you are getting the best education possible, check out SayPro. This international college is recognized worldwide for providing world-class educational programs.

SayPro offers students a variety of classes, workshops, and tutorials that cover a wide range of topics. Whether you’re interested in finance, accounting, or economics, there’s a class here that will help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your chosen field.

Whether you want to enter the career world right out of school or plan on furthering your education after graduation, SayPro has everything you need to achieve your goals. With its wealth of experience in teaching and tutoring, you can be confident that your learning experience will be top-notch from start to finish.

International students in class using laptop to work, concentrated studying with cheerful face.
SayPro College of Municipality, Government and International Relations

Do you want to make sure your child gets all the modern and practical skills from pre-schooling till college? Then SayPro is for you.

With SayPro, your child will have access to quality education that prepares him for a successful future. We offer classes in language arts, math, and more that are held weekly or on demand. And our curriculum is up to date with the ever-changing world of education so your child knows what’s being taught today.

Our teachers are friendly and knowledgeable, and our space is comfortable and clean. All this makes SayPro a great place for your child to learn and grow!

Confident man, leadership, office.
SayPro College of Leadership and Corporate Governance

Have you heard about SayPro College of Leadership and Corporate Governance?

This college is an all-in-one solution that trains leaders and offers best-in-class governance practices. Work with industry experts to develop the skills and knowledge you need to take your career to the next level. And take advantage of our cutting-edge curriculum that covers everything from leadership to finance, accounting, and more.

With SayPro, you’ll have the tools you need to succeed in any role – from executive to entry-level employee – and have a solid understanding of leadership and corporate governance as it relates to your field.

QCTO Accreditation

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SayPro offers:

  • Occupational Certificates
  • Occupational Skills Programmes
  • Occupational Workshops
MICT SETA Accreditation

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  • MICT Seta  Accreditation
  • ETDP Seta Accreditation
  • HWSETA Accreditation
  • PSETA Accreditation
  • WRSETA Accreditation
  • Bank SETA Accreditation
  • Cathsseta Accreditation
  • Service Seta Accreditation
International Accreditation

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  • SayPro Oracle Accreditation
  • SayPro CompTIA Accreditation
SayPro Corporate Registrations

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SayPro is registered as follows: 

  • Private Company with the CIPC
  • SayPro VAT Registration
  • SayPro Level 1 BEE Registration
  • SayPro CSD Registration
  • SayPro Tax Clearance Compliance
  • SayPro PAYE and UIF Registration
  • SayPro Income Tax Registration
SayPro Charities and Non-Profit Registrations

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SayPro is registered as follows:

  • Non-Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development
  • Non-Profit Company with the CIPC
  • Registered Tax Exempt Organisation
  • Registered Public Benefit Organisation
  • Registered Section 18A Organisation

SayPro is Innovative

SayPro applies innovation in all its implementation

SayPro Solutions

SayPro Solutions are always available for you

24/7 Support

SayPro team works 24 Hours 7 Days a Week

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SayPro Products and Courses

SayPro Training Material 49648 National Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME) NQF Level 02 Credits 138

Schools are not required to stick to classroom teaching only, but their extracurricular activities must impart valuable skills that will help the students in their career path. Schools like SayPro understand this and are interested in making a positive impact on the lives of their students. They offer national certificates: new venture creation (some), nqv level 02 credits 138 that provide hands-on experience with real-world applications. With SayPro, every student is taught how to apply critical thinking skills and project management techniques to create a successful business.

SayPro Training Material 50266 National Certificate: Forestry: Silviculture NQF Level 03 Credits 123

Forestry is a fascinating field where trees are grown and harvested for various purposes. Before becoming a full-fledged professional, one needs to know the basics of silviculture.

With Saypro’s comprehensive training material on Silviculture, you’ll be able to gain all the knowledge you need to succeed in this field. Our material covers everything from planting techniques to harvesting techniques, and it’s packed full of videos and images that will help you remember everything you learn.

SayPro Training Material 50584 General Education and Training Certificate: Clothing Manufacturing Processes NQF Level 01 Credits 120

There are many certifications out there, but not many have the word ‘general’ attached to them. That’s what makes SayPro’s General Education and Training Certificate so special. This educational program provides learners with a thorough understanding of clothing manufacturing processes. All this while making sure they’re ready for any job they might encounter. Learn more about SayPro today!

SayPro Training Material 64650 National Diploma: Early Childhood Development NQF Level 05 Credits 240

Ever wondered how to become an expert in early childhood development? Well, we have the perfect solution for you.

SayPro Training Material 64650 National Diploma: Early Childhood Development is designed by experts to help you learn everything you need to know about this complex subject. The theory will be easy for you to understand, and the practical exercises will give you the skills you need to perform at a high level.

SayPro Training Material 50334 National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices NQF Level 5 Credits 120

Dedicated to fulfilling the educational needs of children and adults who need training or guidance in an occupation, SayPro is an efficient and cost-effective approach that helps students succeed. With a dedicated team of experts who understand their needs, SayPro offers a wide range of training material that covers complex topics such as numeracy and literacy, through to practical skills such as computer usage and communication. Whether you are looking for one-on-one guidance or a group class setting, SayPro has the perfect solution for you.

SayPro Training Material 58761 Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development NQF Level 04 Credits 140

Wonderful! Isn’t it? Training for a new trade, new skill, or any other form of education and training calls for relevant material. And SayPro has exactly what you need for every stage in life. To be honest, I was apprehensive about where to start with my son’s education and was clueless about what kind of material to buy him. After much research on the internet, I found Saypro online and read good reviews about the product. So I ordered it without even looking at the price tag. But guess what? It was only a number game! The material is like no other as it covers all areas that relate to early childhood development – teaching kids how to recognize letters, hear sounds, understand simple grammar, etc…it’s wonderful! The material is concisely written so it doesn’t look boring even if you teach one hour a day. Kids will easily pick up the subject because Saypro explains each topic in depth. For example, he will know what “household” means by reading this book since the book uses clear language and everyday situations are used as examples to explain these topics.-Kavya Riya

**SayPro Training Material 62069 National Certificate: Radio Production NQF Level 5 Credits 159

SayPro is a leading provider of training material for various certification courses. We have developed a comprehensive course material that covers all aspects of the Radio Production training syllabus. Our 62069 National Certificate: Radio Production NQF Level 5 Credits 159-course material includes video presentations, audio files, text documents, and more. With SayPro, you can be sure that you are getting the most up-to-date and in-depth information possible when it comes to your chosen field of study.

**SayPro Training Material 58820 National Certificate: Advertising NQF Level 5 Credits 124

SayPro is the perfect training material for aspiring advertising professionals looking to advance their skills. With plenty of challenging questions and case studies, SayPro will help you prepare for any certification exam. And with easy navigation and search functionality, finding relevant content has never been easier! Start studying today and get ready to walk away with a national advertising certificate that no one can ignore!

**SayPro Training Material 48811 Further Education and Training Certificate: Music Industry: Sound Technology NQF Level 04 Credits 159

Music is an art form that is enjoyed by everyone and has the power to move people with its melody and rhythm. Thanks to SayPro Training material, music enthusiasts can now express themselves in a way that no one has ever been able to do so before. We have the latest training material for the music industry including 48811 Further Education and Training Certificate: Music Industry: Sound Technology NQF Level 04 Credits 159. Our material is not just perfect for learning but also helps you improve your skills and reach your desired level faster!

**SayPro Training Material 64670 National Certificate: Public Financial Oversight and Accountability NQF LEVEL 6 CREDITS 128

There’s a need for accuracy, integrity, and proficiency in public financial oversight and accountability. SayPro is here to help. Our National Certificate in Public Financial Oversight and Accountability (SayPro NQF Level 6 Credits) has been designed to provide the right mix of theory, skills, and practical experience that will equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively carry out this vital role.

**SayPro Training Material 50585 National Certificate: Public Service Communication NQF LEVEL 6 CREDITS 129

Do you want to build a career in public service? Then training for NQF 6 is the first step.

SayPro’s National Certificate in Public Service Communication (NCCS) is an internationally recognized qualification that can help you get there. With SayPro’s National Certificate in Public Service Communication, you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to be successful in today’s fast-paced world. This comprehensive training program covers all of the necessary topics to give you an edge when it comes to communication and digital literacy. You’ll learn how to write effective emails, tweets, and blog posts; speak clearly on the phone; and communicate effectively on social media.

**SayPro Training Material 67460 National Diploma: Public Administration NQF Level 06 Credits 240

A diploma in public administration sounds impressive, but when it comes to Saypro’s name, it sounds even more prestigious. That’s because our 67460 National Diploma: Public Administration NQF Level 06 Credits is a verified educational material that has been created by an internationally acclaimed university. Plus, our materials are designed to be comprehensive, making them a great choice for students looking to get a full understanding of the subject.

SayPro Training Material 50060 National Certificate: Public Administration NQF Level 5 Credits 141

Do you want to pursue a career in the Public Administration sector? Or do you want to improve your chances of getting selected for a coveted entry-level position in this booming field?

SayPro has the perfect training material for you! Our National Certificate: Public Administration curriculum is developed by experts and teachers and is supported by real-world experience. Our training equips you with the skills and knowledge needed for success in this exciting field.

SayPro Training Material 66709 National Certificate: Rail Operations (Functional Yard Operations) NQF Level 03 Credits 121

To be effective, any training needs to be tailored to the specific requirements of the learners enrolled in it. To do so, SayPro has developed 66709 National Certificate: Rail Operations (Functional Yard Operations) NQF Level 03 Credits 121. The material includes video lectures, case studies, and practice questions that are pertinent to the learners’ skill set. The material is not just practical; it’s also comprehensive and will equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills required for a successful career in rail operations.

SayPro Training Material 61670 Further Education and Training Certificate: Railway Construction and Maintenance NQF Level 04 Credits 136

With SayPro, you can train and gain certifications faster than ever before. Our material is written by experts and is designed to help you succeed. We cover everything from theory to project management, so you’re sure to be up to speed on all the latest trends. And because our material is written in a way that’s easy to understand, there’s no need to worry about missing any important information. With SayPRO, nothing but success awaits you!

SayPro Training Material 59365 National Certificate: Freight Forwarding and Customs Compliance NQF Level 03 Credits 130

What do you do when your job involves things like tracking goods, managing invoices, and working with clients globally? You’d say that you are a freight forwarder or customs compliance officer.

Why not take the next step in your career by earning a national certification? SayPro has developed a comprehensive training program for freight forwarders and customs compliance officers that offers a Credits 130 curriculum. This is the perfect opportunity for you to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this exciting field.

SayPro Training Material 65529 Further Education and Training Certificate: Transport Operations NQF Level 04

You’ve worked hard to get that coveted certificate. Now it’s time to put your new skills to the test. With SayPro, the Transport Operations NQF Level 04 is a breeze, thanks to our proven training material. Our material covers every topic on the syllabus, from understanding the basics of logistics and scheduling to operating heavy vehicles and handling emergencies. We even include downloadable resources so you can access all the information you need at your fingertips. With SayPro, there’s no limit to where your talents will take you!

SayPro Products and Services