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To partner with SayPro send an email to info@saypro.online or Call/WhatsApp SayPro at + 27 84 313 7407.

SayPro is a leading Consulting, Advisory and Project Management company working with various stakeholders such as Individuals, Governments, Corporate businesses, SMEs, Start-Up Businesses, Non-Profit Organisations and International Companies and brands crafting their ideas and solving their issues.

Partner with SayPro by sending us an email to info@saypro.online or Contact us at + 27 84 313 7407.

SayPro is a leading Consulting and Project Management company working with over 500 well known international brands and companies.

Our expertise dates back to 2005 where we have always been running projects and key activities on behalf of companies and institutions. Our work has ranged from idea generation, advisory, communications, planning, project implementation and project evaluation.

This enables you an opportunity to deal with key responsibilities rather than focusing on what SayPro will be able to deliver cutting you costs and money.

SayPro’s executives and the team will ensure smooth communication with you whilst your project is being run to enable you to be aware of the processes and where necessary you can be able to advice the SayPro team on the next step or what should be amended or reduced. SayPro executives and the team will also be able to report to you from time to time as per set arrangements. A dedicated consultant will be able to advice and receive your calls at anytime and also transnational reporting looking at various timeframes.

What if you could save the lives of thousands of animals every year without spending a penny? What if you could register and find a source of funding without all the hassles? SayPro is here to make that possible. We are an easy-to-use portal that makes registering and finding a source of funding for your non-profit organisation simple and hassle-free.

We understand how difficult it can be to raise funds, so we have created an online platform that will help you reach out to potential sponsors in no time. Once registered on our website, your organisation becomes eligible for government grants and donations from individuals. All you need is some patience and hard work, and in no time, you will be able to save lives!

SayPro is looking forward to collaborating with non-profit organisations across the globe who share similar goals for animal welfare. Join us today!

SayPro is a registration and funding portal for non-profit organisations. It helps you register, obtain funding, and manage your organization with ease. SayPro provides useful resources to help you run your non-profit efficiently, including access to online tools for managing day-to-day operations, and reports that will help you track your progress. With SayPro’s support, you can feel confident that your issue is being heard by decision makers in power!

SayPro is a non-profit organisation that has been set up to register and fund organisations in Australia. We are working with more than 1,000 registered non-government organizations and have helped them fundraise more than $1 million. SayPro is one of the biggest donors to charities and causes around the world, so why not join us? With SayPro, you can register your organisation quickly and easily online. It’s easy to do, free of charge and takes just minutes! By doing that, you’ll help make a difference in your community by registering a non-profit organization or supporting an already existing one.

SayPro has been developed to help charities, non-profits and social enterprises get the recognition they deserve. With our registration and funding solutions, you can register your organisation and apply for grants in minutes. We also offer a range of other services that can help you grow your business, raise awareness about your cause or even increase membership by providing practical marketing tools.

SayPro is here to support you every step of the way!

When it comes to non-profit organisations, there’s a lot to do. From registration and funding of the organisation, to maintaining a network for volunteers, managing finances and so much more, it’s a full-time job by itself. And that doesn’t include all the work you have to put in to just maintain your presence online. But fear not! With SayPro, you can easily register and fund your non-profit organisation with ease. Not only that but we also provide our partners with marketing services like website maintenance and customised branding. So what are you waiting for? Start today!

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