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COOPI is looking for an Education Project Management in Iraq COOPI is officially registered in Kurdish Region of Iraq and in Federal Iraq and has been active in Iraq since end of 2016 when started implementing a series projects in Education sector in Mosul district with funding from AICS and private donors. In 2019, COOPI […]


The project has a duration of 18 months and is located in the Al-Shirqat district of Salah Al-Din Governorate and in the districts of Said Sadiq and Sulaymaniyah of Sulaymaniyah Governorate. The objective of the project is to contribute to ensuring safe access to quality and inclusive educational services for the highly vulnerable displaced, refugee, and returnee population.

Description of the role Education Project manager is assigned with the responsibility to guarantee the effective implementation of the Education project activities and is responsible for the Education and CP activities’ execution, in technical, economic/financial terms, in terms of resources management on field, and in terms of internal and external reporting in compliance with COOPI and the donor’s procedures. He/she ensures the expected results attainment in budget management. He/she ensures the delivery of the project activities on time, on quality, and on budget.

Main responsibilities

  • Activity planning and management plan and monitor the activities’ progress, in compliance with the contract signed with the donor and with COOPI and the donor’s procedures. cooperate in full harmony and efficiency with the partners of the consortium to guarantee the Education activities implementation. prepare monthly reports to the head of mission and regularly organize project review meetings to identify issues and discuss solutions with relevant heads of department. collaborate with the MEAL team to ensure adequate project monitoring, including through the implementation of the AAP mechanism, and the prompt integration of any findings and recommendations into the project implementation.
  • contribute to analyzing possible opportunities for project designing/funding. elaborate, write and prepare all necessary documents to present new projects, in accordance with the organization’s processes and procedures, with particular reference to AICS. cooperate with the Communication and Fund-Raising office for all communication, awareness, and fundraising activities implemented in and for the country, also supporting the donor’s visibility. regularly meeting with the local partner to organize joint programmatic activities. monitor partners’ activities to ensure the upholding of the highest quality standards. review partners’ technical and financial reports, in collaboration with the project administrator. plan and organize capacity-building activities for the local partner.
  • Finance and administration plan all expenditures, in collaboration with the Project Administrator/Administrative Coordinator. regular monitoring of all incurred expenditures on the activities’ budget. supervise accounting and the project cash safe/bank account management and, where there was no dedicated staff, directly manage the accounting and the project cash safe/bank accounts, using the instruments made available by the organization.
  • Logistics prepare the Purchases Plan, in cooperation with the Project Administrator and with the Regional Administrative Coordinator. ensure the organization and donor’s procedures when purchasing goods and services. to be responsible for the correct management of all goods purchased for the project, both directly and purchased by other offices/field offices. contribute to strengthening the security assessment and ad hoc procedures, specifically applying the general country procedures to the specific context of the project.
  • Human resources In coordination with the Head of Mission and in compliance with the country’s rules/laws and with the COOPI’s regulation in the country, select the local staff to be employed in projects and manages any other project’s expatriate staff. coordinate and supervise the work done by all the project staff, in compliance with the organization’s security procedures. evaluate the local staff employed for projects and participate in the evaluation of his/her own project, upon request by his/her direct supervisor. to be responsible for the initial and continuous training of the local staff under his/her responsibility.
  • Reporting in coordination with the Head of Mission and with the Country Administrator, ensuring the preparation of all financial and narrative reports – interim and final – expected by the project. to be responsible for the preparation of all formal communication and contract modification requests (ex. budget modification) of the project to the donor. Institutional relations In relation to the project his/her competence, communicate with the donors’ officers, the local authorities who are competent in the aspects related to the project, the projects’ partners, and beneficiaries. to be a focal point, in coordination with the Head of Mission representing COOPI in all relevant clusters and working groups, contributing to raising the organization’s profile and keeping the organization abreast of the latest technical guidance and recommendations. report on COOPI activities on Activity info and participate in the HNO/HRP process as necessary.


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