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SayPro Ethiopia is a coffee brand that has been around for decades. And yes, you read that right – decades! The company was founded by the founder of Starbucks himself, Mr. Howard Schultz. Today, SayPro Ethiopia is still run by the same people who were working day in and out to make this amazing brand into what it is today. But when you’re talking about coffee brands, it’s always important to see them with fresh eyes and ask yourself whether they deserve your money or not.

SayPro Ethiopia has always been a leader in terms of quality and consistency, so I truly believe that their products are worth every penny you spend on them. With their wide selection of coffees (both dark roasts and lighter roasts), flavors (from light roast to flavoured!), and blends (from speciality to popular), there’s something for everyone!

Looking for a place where your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised? Then SayPro Ethiopia is the place for you!

An old saying goes, ‘A journey begins with a single step.’ Today is the first day you start your journey with SayPro. This is why we’re asking for your support to make this project possible. Because it’s not about calling a place home but about belonging to it. It’s not about transforming an empty space into a house but making sure that no one misses out on anything essential in life because of lack of proper accommodation.

Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to contribute towards a better world where every child is treated equally, no matter of his or her gender? Then, SayPro Ethiopia is the answer. This global initiative seeks to empower girls and women through education. And by doing so, they can end up changing their society for the better.

No matter how old you are or whether you live in Ethiopia or outside, your contribution will go a long way in making girls’ future brighter and more secure than ever before!

Email: info@saypro.online WhatsApp/Call: + 27 84 313 7407

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