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04 November 2022

To the Chief Financial Officer, Chairman, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Clients Officer, Chief Communications, Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer, SayPro Staff, and SayPro Interns.

To all of you, I ask that the peace of God be with you.

This circular is to provide clarity about SayPro Financing and Expenses for Partners Projects or Joint Ventures.

I will first provide a scenario from past experiences:

SayPro entered into a Joint Venture or Consortia with another well established partner to implement projects to train 60 Professionals on behalf of the private company for a budget of R3 650 000. SayPro was supposed to train the 60 employees. In line with the project SayPro only received R400 000 of the whole work done. Wherelse


The agreement was 60% at R2 190 000 for the lead partner and 40% R1 460 000 for SayPro. However SayPro ended up taking up the whole role to recruit, manage the people, train the people, print certificates, deliver logistics, move around to buy logistics, technical support, systems development and the delivery of certificates. Whilst the lead partner was only processing invoices and communicating with the client.


According to the Lead Partner SayPro does not have expenses. How is this possible to deliver quality work.


Even though the project costed SayPro R4 280 000 to deliver SayPro has only managed to receive an amount of R400 000 which made SayPro run at a loss as the contractual obligations were not met. Also, SayPro had incurred additional costs which the lead partner was not involved.


Despite all of this the lead partner continued to laugh at SayPro thinking that SayPro is very stupid for delivering successful project implementation, delivery and all the results.


However, the lead partner did not realise that whilst they were laughing at SayPro they were internally causing conflicts as costs needs to be covered and this can lead SayPro to pull out of the project as the project does not make any economic sense or it is the same as running free charity.

As the Chief Executive Officer of SayPro, I order the following to happen from now on. This circular is published at SayPro under Help.

1. SayPro demands that from now on, if SayPro partners with Lead Partners, the Lead Partner must reasonably pay it as per the agreement. Suppose the agreement is 40% or 20% or 80%, or 30%. SayPro should be paid precisely that. The agreement should be honoured.

2. Should SayPro and the lead partner have to cost share/ Then section 4 of this circular should be honoured.

3. Should Sections 1 and 4 of this circular not be honoured? SayPro should immediately pull out of the Project, and the Lead Partner should seek another partner to replace SayPro within 3 months. SayPro will also stop access to all its systems, human resources and tools. SayPro will not be involved in any queries immediately after pulling out of the Project. Any responsibility will lie with the Lead Partner and their new partner onboarded. Also, SayPro will not be involved in knowledge transfer.  The lead partner should immediately remove SayPro from the Contract with the Client and replace it with the new name.

4. The Lead Partner should consider these costs for invoicing to the costing sharing.

  • Developers Fees for any hours added to the Project (prepaid).
  • Curriculum Managers Fees for any ammendments to the courses (prepaid).
  • Project Managers Fees for any work or time added into the Project (post paid).
  • Daily Facilitators Fee at the rate of R1 500 per day per Facilitator (prepaid).
  • CEO, COO, CMO time added into the Project (prepaid)
  • Costs for Assessment, Moderation, Verification.
  • Travel Costs for follow up with the Agencies, Bodies, Accreditation Institutions
  • Preparation costs for any additional expenses.
  • Tonner and Cartridge Costs (prepaid)
  • Internet Data Contracts for any site of delivery if there is no access to internet.
  • Telephone Contracts for each line required to deliver the work.
  • Office related expenses for the costs relating to the Project
  • Certificate Printing Paper per paper/Bundle purchased (prepaid)
  • Attendance Register Costs per paper/Bundle Purchased (prepaid)
  • Envelope Fee per paper/Bundle purchased (prepaid)
  • Photocopy Rental per month for the Machine (prepaid)
  • Photocopy Maintenace and Repairs Costs these include travel to and from.
  • Dead Equipment, damaged Stolen Equipment due to robery, hijacking for whatever the reason SayPro will not pay for those expenses.
  • Travel per Kilometer for any Project Related Expenses.

This circular should be sent to all partners SayPro is about or is engaged with to enable them to be aware of SayPro’s expectations.

SayPro aims to deliver Projects with high quality, professionalism, and ethics and to ensure that it closes projects with satisfied clients. In doing so, SayPro requests the lead partners to honour such to eliminate disappointments in future.

The office of the CEO will no longer from now on pay for Special Projects expenses. Projects should pay for themselves. As SayPro does not have a budget to cover project overhead costs.

SayPro requests fair pay for the fantastic work it is doing.

I hope you will accept my request and apply this with peace.

Peace be with you.

Neftaly Malatjie | Chief Executive Officer | SayPro

Email: WhatsApp/Call: + 27 84 313 7407

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