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Through its main branches and partner branches, Southern Africa Youth Project implements advisory, referral, and paralegal services to unemployed Youth in townships, rural areas, and farms of Southern Africa.

SayPro has found that Youth aged 18 – 35 complete secondary school yearly. However, the main challenge is that out of 100%, only 30% can further their studies with Technical Vocational, Education and Training Colleges and Universities, and Universities of Technologies.

SayPro has empowered 2 426 beneficiaries during the fiscal year 2091/20
Those who complete Secondary School and Further Education find themselves sitting at home, vulnerable to situations, which affect them to not think of moving forward with life. Challenges that have been identified that
need to be addressed are, Gender-Based Violence faced by the Youth, Increase in Human Rights Violations, Abuses within families and Youth becoming victims, Youth not knowing where to go when they have challenges.

SayPro has managed to in the past work with over 20 000 Youth who passes through this program, where they have received information, advisory, referral, and linkages through our case management system in collaboration with a community development organization, state institutions, and businesses who have made it possible for us to create an impact to the lives of the youth in communities.

Email: info@saypro.online WhatsApp/Call: + 27 84 313 7407

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