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USAID/BHA requires the services of a Senior Humanitarian Advisor (SHA) based in Dhaka or Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to ensure that Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)’s objectives for disaster assistance, risk reduction, strategic reporting, interagency coordination, and situational analysis are met for the Rohingya refugee response in Bangladesh and surrounding countries in the region.

This leadership position resides in USAID/Bangladesh’s Humanitarian Assistance Office (HAO) and will support oversight of the Rohingya refugee response humanitarian assistance portfolio. The SHA will provide leadership to the Rohingya refugee response in Bangladesh, including: identifying and assessing new humanitarian assistance requirements, targeting beneficiary groups and refugee-hosting communities; overseeing the general direction of existing relief, transition, and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programming; and recommending the types of interventions and budget levels required.

The SHA will serve as a subject matter expert on humanitarian issues related to the Rohingya refugee response in Bangladesh, and serve as a liaison on program issues related to the Rohingya refugee response among USAID mission staff, the U.S. Embassy and other USG agencies, U.S. military representatives, BHA/South & Central Asia (SCA) Regional Office and BHA/Washington, and the humanitarian community in the country.

In coordination with the BHA/Bangladesh HAO Office Director, the SHA will play a lead role in developing and sharing reporting with BHA’s SCA Regional Office based at RDMA in Bangkok, Thailand and with BHA/Washington. The incumbent will receive direction from the USAID/Bangladesh Front Office and BHA/SCA Regional Office based on regional the functional statement, and will be supervised by the BHA/Bangladesh Country Lead.


Opening Date: June 21, 2022

Closing Date: Open until filled


Application for Employment:

Application for Federal Employment: AID-309-2


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