**SayPro Language Policy


Product Summary

Ever thought about speaking your own language in office? Well, there’s a way you can do that. SayPro is a language policy of leading software company that allows employees to speak their native language at work. Tired of being labeled as ‘unintelligent’ because you don’t have proper English skills? Don’t worry! Brand SayPro understands the importance of diversity and inclusion, and they are making sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome to expressing themselves in the workplace. With SayPro Language Policy, workers can practice their native tongue by using it at work and experiencing an authentic experience while working.

Requiring employees to speak English might seem like a convenient solution for improving communication within a team, but it can cause more harm than good. It prevents individuals from feeling confident in expressing themselves, knowing that they will be judged on how well they speak the mother tongue. And when teams are diverse, everyone benefits from learning how one another thinks – regardless of background or culture.


SayPro acknowledges the diversity and equality of the eleven official languages used by population groups in the Republic of South Africa. SayPro recognizes its responsibility to promote and maintain the recognition of all the official languages but also has responsibility the integrity, maintenance of records for monitoring and auditing as well as the accuracy of histories and verification as evidence towards:

  • SayPro organisational integrity.
  • The integrity of records of teaching, learning and Programme Assessment, review, and referral.
  • Evidence requirements towards Beneficiary achievements and certificating, where


  • The integrity of the administration of the SayPro as per requirements of other stakeholders including the Service RELEVANT ACCREDITATION, MEMBERSHIPS, REGULATORY AND PARTNERSHIPS, ACCREDITATION, MEMBERSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP Bodies and NATIONAL QUALIFICATION AND PROGRAMMES ASSURANCE.
    1. Official Use of Language

It is the policy of the SayPro to utilize English as the primary mode of communication to enable standardization of communication and all documentation use in SayPro.

1.1. Official Communication

  • All official communication recorded in English.
  • Records maintained and recorded in English for purposes of auditing, Monitoring and verification

1.2. Human Resources and disciplinary action

The Disciplinary policy of the SayPro makes provision for the attendance of a translator where necessary.

1.3. Tuition

  • SayPro provides all learning interventions in English. Learning material is also standardizing and is provide in English.
  • Staff and Facilitators employee by SayPro fluent in more than one official language, and it permitted that Staff and Facilitators utilize another language as per their language scope to assist individual beneficiaries with the understanding of concepts include in the Programme.
  • Not translate as a right to demand a language that the facilitator is not familiar.

1.4. Programme Assessment, review, and referral.

It is the policy of the SayPro to conclude assessments and feedback as well as the recording of results in English.

To enable standardization of practices, administration, moderation, feedback, and communication to stakeholders such as the ACCREDITATION, MEMBERSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP BODY, RELEVANT ACCREDITATION, MEMBERSHIPS, REGULATORY AND PARTNERSHIPS and NATIONAL QUALIFICATION AND PROGRAMMES ASSURANCE.


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