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Do you love telling stories? Do you have a passion for education and communication? Then teaching is your calling! SayPro offers short-term opportunities to work with students and teachers. You’ll have the chance to contribute to the classroom experience in many ways, from hosting interactive activities to facilitating discussions. You’ll be an important part of the team by helping students develop their confidence and skills, while also building community through volunteer programs.

Lecturers and Assessors are vital for the smooth running of a classroom. But with SayPro, you can check if they’re doing what you expect from them. We use our proprietary analytics to understand your class and identify potential problems. Then we send a student who can help you fix the problem. This way, you get the best-possible experience from your classes!

Teaching and learning have their own, distinct ways of going about it. That’s why SayPro has come up with an apt solution for them. At SayPro, we understand that a Lecturer or Assessor or Facilitator is more than just an educator; they carry with them the responsibility of imparting knowledge and training the students to be future-ready individuals.

SayPro distills this demand perfectly by providing a platform where lecturers can showcase their skills and strengths while teaching students how to think critically. Through this platform, students develop valuable life skills while working towards their dreams of becoming a globally-competitive individual who is equipped to face any challenges thrown at him/ her!

Being a part of SayPro is an opportunity for you to be your own boss, and make money out of your skills. We help thousands of teachers, lecturers, facilitators and assessors connect with employers who are looking for their services. SayPro offers you three ways to monetize your knowledge- by teaching on our platform or being an Assessor/Facilitator for us.

SayPro also gives you the freedom to work from wherever you want. So why not give it a shot?

We all have seen them: the seminars, classes or lectures that teach us something new every day. But what if you could learn from a pro? Meet SayPro!

With years of experience teaching and conducting seminars, SayPro is an expert in her field. She is sure to impart valuable information to her students, while also keeping things interesting with fun quizzes and games. And not only that. She is also available for one-on-one sessions if you have any questions about teaching or learning languages in general.

Email: info@saypro.online WhatsApp/Call: + 27 84 313 7407

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