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Do you want to work in the most reputed and prestigious IT companies of India? Then SayPro is the right choice for you. We are proud to announce that our LGSETA Accreditation has been granted by LuxInfo Global Certification Authority. With this, we have conclusively proved our capabilities and honesty as an organization.

SayPro prides itself on being a modern and competent employer from day one, we understand that it’s important for employees to be happy at work and thrive in their career path. This is why we offer an extensive variety of benefits like medical insurance, life insurance, maternity leave etc., so that our employees can concentrate on their own success without worrying about anything else but their job. If you’re ready to take your career to new heights with us, apply today!

The road to success is never easy, but with SayPro’s help, it’s just that little bit easier. After obtaining a LGSETA accreditation for their services, your business will be recognized as being professional and competent by the world. Our accredited staffing teams are made up of experts in their fields who can provide you with all kinds of services – from project management to IT support – so you can focus on growing your business. Yelp users have rated us 5 stars in both service and value, so why wouldn’t you choose us? Let SayPro help you grow your business by becoming an accredited LGSETA member today!

SayPro, the global leader in the accreditation of LG Standard equipment, has today announced its new LGSETA accreditation by the Swedish National Accreditation Board. The move recognizes that SayPro is a leading supplier of LGs standards for all equipment and manufacturing processes. This will ensure that our customers have confidence in who they are purchasing their products from.

Say goodbye to various travel cards and hello to SayPro! The world’s first LGSETA Accreditation travel card that offers not just a single global currency, but also a range of benefits. With SayPro, your money stays safe while you’re abroad and your baggage is covered in case of an accident or theft.

Ever thought of having an advanced IT solution for your business? SayPro offers a comprehensive and cost-effective way to streamline your data, communication and operations.

SayPro allows you to have advanced security and compliance features in one package. With its LGSETA Accreditation, there are no hidden fees or additional costs. And because it is easy to install and use, you can start saving money right away!


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