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SayPro and the Government Presidency or Presidential Office partnership dated to 2008 when SayPro Leadership and Executive Management identified a close relationship between what SayPro is offering and what the President needs to accelerate the development, service delivery and quality assurance of their services.

SayPro plays a significant role in providing strategic, tactical and implementable solutions in partnership and on behalf of the President. Applying its wide range of technology solutions, SayPro is capable of the following:

  • SayPro Presidential Advisory Services: Combining its team of 300 Executive Consultants who have worked in multinational states and large consulting firms. SayPro can advise the President on possible solutions depending on the President’s needs and strategic and visionary desires.
  • SayPro Presidential Project Management: SayPro can manage the internal President’s small project to a national project on behalf of the President. Through SayPro Presidential Project Management, SAyPro will ensure that the project is managed successfully from the launch to the closure and provide the necessary information, support and guidance where necessary.
  • SayPro Presidential Reporting: SayPro can provide reporting on behalf of the President to the National Assembly/Parliament, the United Nations, the United States, the European Union, Consulates, Strategic Partners, and global alliances. Also, SayPro can provide support to ensure that the reporting is aligned to the National Acts, National Bills, and National Policies, including all the strategic commitments made by the current President and past President’s agreements.
  • SayPro Presidential Project Implementation Services: The President can trust that it will be in capable hands, leaving the project to be implemented by SayPro; SayPro can implement projects on behalf of the President. During the implementation, SayPro will also ensure that the projects are implemented within budgets, strategic goals and outputs as set by the vision and the goals of the presidential terms.
  • SayPro Presidential Consulting Services: SayPro consults with the President’s office going up and down, ensuring that all the needs, desires, goals and solutions are sought for the Presidency. Also, SayPro will ensure that it comes up with implementing, managing, coordinating, and reporting plans.
  • SayPro Presidential Research Service: If the President needs solutions on what to do next. It does not matter whether it is to acquire trust and service delivery and improve services to ensure that the people are satisfied with the President’s term in office. SayPro will conduct small to extensive research on behalf of the president and present solutions.
  • SayPro Presidential Forensic Monitoring and Evaluation Service: The President has many projects and activities during their term. SayPro can conduct monitoring and evaluation of all projects, from small to large projects, on behalf of the President. SayPro will ensure that it provides all the reporting back to the President and liaise with the specific department or unit should there be a need for improved performance.
  • SayPro Presidential Investigation Services: SayPro conduct investigations on behalf of the President, ensuring that it brings necessary facts, data and evidence to enable the President to make an informed decision. Thus enabling the President to have confidence in the people in leadership, units and service delivery terms according to the policies,

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