SayPro Risk Management Policy


Product Summary


As a Youth Empowerment provider, it is in the best interest of the beneficiaries, the administration, and staff of Diepsloot Youth Projects to remain safe/secure on the premises always.

1.         Purpose of the policy

the policy outlines the security of learning where the beneficiaries receive their training and programmes and in and around offices where the staff is performing duties.

2.         Legal basis

  • NATIONAL QUALIFICATION AND PROGRAMMES ASSURANCE: Criteria and guidelines for providers
  • Diepsloot Youth Projects Policies and Procedures System


3.         Policy statement

Diepsloot Youth Projects ensure together with the management of the site where learning takes place that beneficiaries always safe and secure, and that staff is confident in the workplace.

4.         Operational Principles

Diepsloot Youth Projects as far as possible, ensure the safety and security of beneficiaries and staff.

5.         Role Players in the policy and procedure

Role players involve in risk management

  • Management, Staff and Beneficiaries

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