SayPro Course SAQA 115958 Engage with the ethics of sexuality NQF Level 06 Credits 12


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PURPOSE OF SayPro SAQA Course 115958 Engage with the ethics of sexuality NQF Level 06 Credits 12

This unit standard will be helpful to people who have a grounding in the basics of ethical decision-making and wish to apply the theories, skills, and processes to the specific area of sexual morality. It will also be of use to those who are working with those affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and wish to ground their work in a clear ethical framework.

People credited with this unit standard can:
Describe and analyze the major areas of sexual ethics.
Construct a set of principles and guidelines based on a model of Christian ethics.
Apply those principles and procedures to specific issues and problems of sexual ethics in context.


SayPro SAQA ID: 115958 Engage with the ethics of sexuality NQF Level 06 Credits 12

Identify and solve problems: One of the essential outcomes of Christian ethical engagement is to work with people to help them understand and come to terms with their gender and sexual identity in a Christian framework, and to resolve issues arising from conflicts in sexual ethics.

Work effectively with others and in teams: Ethical activity takes place alongside pastoral care to ensure that people are enabled to grow and develop. The ethical pastoral task of the church is a collaborative one, in which teamwork is central

Collect, analyze, organize and critically evaluate information. This is done through the analytical description of sexual and gender identity and activity in the context

Communicate effectively using visual, mathematical, and language skills: Working with sexuality in the context of the church requires clear skills of language presentation, as well as the assessment of non-verbal communication in a caring and counseling context.

Contribute to the full development of oneself: Working with ethics, both in problem-centered and developmental environments, demands of the learner a clear self-understanding and a recognition of life stance.

Participate as a reliable citizen locally, nationally, and internationally: Clear and focused ethical activity is part of the moral regeneration of the community and the nation which undergirds true transformation and contributes to the process of grass-roots democratization


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