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Product Summary


        The criteria for assessing learners are based on the learning outcomes listed above, whereby, in order to qualify, learners must be able to:
  1. Plan, implement and evaluate a theoretically sound, needs based intervention directed towards organisational change and development;


  1. Demonstrate competency in the development, implementation and evaluation of a needs-based development programme in the field of health / welfare.
  2. And demonstrate selected and appropriate leadership and management competencies at an organisation (employing body or other).
  3. Plan, implement and evaluate a theoretically sound and needs based knowledge / skills development programme for staff, volunteers, community members or other professionals.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to act as a consultant in their chosen area of research.
  5. Demonstrate well-developed research skills through conducting a study in the field of social services.

Strategies for Integrated Assessment

The learner will be assessed through building up a portfolio comprising written assignments, practical assignments / work, class presentations on combinations of written and practical assignments, and written tests for each module. 


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