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        A.1.1 Basic assessment of the entity's working capital position.

A.1.2 Assess the influence of the time value of money on financial decisions
A.1.3 Analyse financial statements

B.1.1 Logical reasoning in the analysis of a given context is demonstrated.
B.1.2 A range of techniques to determine effectiveness and efficiency are demonstrated.
B.2.1 The impact of decisions is assessed relative to other entities and the organisation as a whole
B.3.1 Quality assurance principles are applied to a given context.
B.3.1 Communication, monitoring and control are integrated to support quality management principles.

C.1.1 Ways of identifying development needs are described.
C.1.2 Recommendations for development are compiled.
C.1.3 Opportunities to develop own performance are identified.
C.1.4 Self-development is planned
C.1.5 The necessary action to develop self is taken
C.2.1 Effective working relationships with one’s immediate manager are created and enhanced.
C.2.2 Interpersonal conflict is identified and minimised
C.2.3 The development and implementation of disciplinary and grievance procedures are contributed to effectively
C.3.1 Strategies, contemporary issues of groups and teams are taken into consideration to identify and describe the appropriate leadership for the context.

D.1.1 Techniques for overcoming resistance to change in the enterprise are described.
D.2.1 The impact of strategy and contemporary issues are evaluated.
D.3.1 Approaches to effect change are suggested

E.1.1 An understanding of corporate culture, social responsibility, ethics and politics is developed.

F.1.1 Compliance procedures for regulatory codes and standards are established.
F.1.2 Compliance procedures are monitored.
F.1.3 Procedures and legal obligations are reviewed and assessed
F.2.1 Prescribed procedures for manufacture, transport, storage and handling are implemented.
F.2.2 Necessary documentation for safe handling is correctly prepared.
F.2.3 Applicable clauses of the Act can be correctly interpreted and applied.

G.1.1 An appropriate staff development plan is developed.
G.2.1 Administrative staff is supervised according to supervisory principles.
G.3.1 The practical application of cultural diversity in the workplace is illustrated
G.4.1 The administrative functions are effectively co-ordinated.
G.5.1 Quality assurance principles are accurately prepared.
G.6.1 Cost is efficiently controlled.

H.1.1 The basic principles of marketing are applied.
H.2.1 The marketing function is managed.
H.3.1 Strategic marketing planning, retail marketing and international marketing are done.

I.1.1 An understanding of the basic principles of individual behaviour, social processes and personnel management is demonstrated.
I.2.1 The personnel functions within an enterprise are managed.
I.3.1 The concepts of organisational behaviour are understood and applied.

J.1.1 The purchasing function is managed.
J.2.1 Quality, purchasing quantities and sources of supply are determined.
J.3.1 The integration of the purchasing function and techniques is explained.

K.1.1 The basic principles of production management are applied.
K.2.1 The production function is managed.
K.3.1 The production function together with computer systems are managed (e) (20 credits) (NQF 6)

L.1.1 The basic principles of work study are applied.

M.1.1 Business and economic principles are identified and their relationship justified.
M.2.1 An understanding of the place, purpose and objectives of the functional areas of an enterprise is identified and demonstrated.
M.3.1 A culture of entrepreneurship is effectively created, maintained and enhanced.

N.1.1 An understanding and application of basic quantitative techniques is demonstrated

O.1.1 The basic principles of interpersonal communication, general business writing skills and oral communication are applied.

P.1.1 An understanding of the principles of labour economics and industrial relations is demonstrated.

Integrated assessment:

Written examinations
Case studies
Business simulations/games or logbook (experiential learning component) 


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