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        Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 1:

Critical and analytical thought to theoretical concepts, processes and procedures with a view to improve management, leadership and entrepreneurial skills in the business environment are applied.
Knowledge required to apply in a practical business setting in the field of management to solve current and relevant issues is identified, analysed and categorised.
Debates and reasoning about complex management problems in different business environments are demonstrated.

Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 2:
Comments on real company issues to solve problems in ill-defined contexts are made, real cases, business concepts and techniques to the real world are used.
Case studies to prove that you understand, able to apply management theories and techniques and make management decisions are demonstrated.
Written assignments presenting business solutions in an academically acceptable format and use of appropriate Information Technology (IT) to communicate research results individually or in groups are successfully completed.

Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 3:
Identify a relevant and current research problem or, developing an appropriate research design and applying appropriate research methods and issue worth pursuing to solve the relevant and current research problem are identified.
Select relevant research applications from the theory to apply it in practice to solve the business application problem are analysed.
Findings and conclusions of the research in an academically acceptable manner with regard to the rules on plagiarism and copyright are presented.

Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 4:
Written and oral assignments and research reports in an academically acceptable format are applied and appropriate IT to communicate research results individually or in groups are used.

Associated Assessment Criteria for Exit Level Outcome 5:
Challenges in management faced by real companies on business ethics and acceptable codes of conduct in the world of management and business to identify opportunities for improvement in these organisations, are considered, analysed and demonstrated.
Interpretation of complex financial issues in a financially viable and ethical manner, systematically and logically to create practical and sustainable business solutions are derived assessed and solved.
The purpose, value of the organisation and the quality of management level are transformed.
Empowered manager-leader performing within a fundamentally value-driven context to the challenges of the 21st century is shown.

Integrated Assessment:
Assessment of the Master of Business Administration qualification is done through formative and summative assessment methods in each of the modules as part of the policy stipulation.

These assessments include the following:
Description of the number and types of tests/assignments/projects/case studies:
The method used is various ways of drafting a participation mark plus a written examination mark, which in total must be an average of 50% for the learner to pass the particular module. A sub-minimum of 45% in the examination is required in all cases.
The institution has a policy that at least one individual and one group assignment should be completed in every module in order for the learner to get a participation mark. Various class assignments/tests are also done to contribute to the particular module’s participation mark.

Formative and summative assessment:
In every module, learners must receive formative feedback on individual and group assignments. This feedback contains the marked assignment, with comments, a marking sheet or a detailed memorandum. The marked assignments are normally handed out during contact sessions, while the lecturer discusses common problems, as well as corrective steps.

Integrated summative assessment in the form of the dissertation will be completed to test the learner’s knowledge of the theoretical and general aspects of the field of business administration. 


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