**SayPro Student Entry Policy


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Beneficiary Entry, Guidance and Support Policy

To achieve the organisation’s vision of striving to enhance “the Beneficiary’s “employability” through skills and youth development and training and programmes in an environment that fosters individual growth and development,” SayPro implements procedures for Beneficiary entry, guidance and support.


The procedures include requirements relating to the following:



SayPro provides comprehensive information about SayPro, its staff, the available Youth Empowerment programmes and the entry criteria to the beneficiaries, both before entry and during induction.

Beneficiaries can clarify their requirements and relate them to the products and services offered. General induction to SayPro, and induction to different parts of Programme s, include in skills and youth development programmes to ensure beneficiaries feel comfortable and confident with SayPro, and fully understand and accept their responsibilities to SayPro.

Beneficiary selection and entrance requirements determine by the NATIONAL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS (NQF) AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) level of the skills and youth development programme or Programmes they wish to enter. A Beneficiary must prove that the current level of education is adequate to ensure success on the level for which they want to enrol. For example, a Beneficiary that wishes to obtain on NATIONAL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS (NQF) AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) level 4 prove competence on NATIONAL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS (NQF) AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) level 3. In addition to the level requirement, the Beneficiary demonstrates subject matter expertise. For example, for NATIONAL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS (NQF) AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) level 4 in Skills and youth development, NATIONAL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS (NQF) AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) level 3, ability in Human Resources or Skills and youth development is required. All beneficiaries display proficiency in the English Language and numeracy on at least NATIONAL QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS (NQF) AND INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES STANDARDS (IPS) level 2.


Beneficiary Guidance and Support

During the Youth Empowerment Process SayPro ensure the knees of individual beneficiaries identified, personal development plans formulate, progress regularly reviewed, feedback given, support provide and pre-exit guidance available.

The process of gathering information about Beneficiary’s strengths, difficulties, aspirations, and knees undertaken in partnership with entities such as the lead employer, the Beneficiary and SayPro provide regular opportunities for beneficiaries to review their progress and make any changes to their development plans while they undertaking their programmes.

SayPro ensure that guidance and support services include activities such as Programme Assessment review and referral of prior learning and achievement, and Programme Assessment analysis and reference on demand, and that Beneficiaries embark on a programme that enable them to achieve legitimate and realistic outcomes, e.g. to improve their skills and youth development, knowledge and competencies, compete more effectively in the labour market and progress to other chosen educational and training and programmes.


Support and guidance given to beneficiaries in making sense of the training and programmes and learning, career opportunities and personal development choices, and in understanding, facing, and resolving or adapting to own problems and difficulties, which could inhibit progress.

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